3 Easy Tips to Remember When Buying a Carpet

When buying a new carpet for your home, there are three easy things to remember when you go to a carpet shop to find your new carpet. Whether your new carpet is for the living room, bedroom, stair case or another room in your home, these easy tips will ensure your new carpet looks flawless in your home.

Finding the Right Type of Pile

When it comes to the right type of pile, there are many types to choose from, however, cut pile and loop pile are the most popular.

Cut pile carpets, as the name suggests, are cut. This exposes the end of the carpet fibres and this is the most popular type of carpet as it can come in many different lengths and thicknesses. Cut pile carpets tend to be softer underfoot with the more traditional carpet look and feel. Furthermore, cut pile carpets are available in a huge variety of styles and colours. When selecting a cut pile carpet, make sure you look at the level of twist in the carpet. Carpets with a tighter twist tend to be more durable as the twists help the carpet stand against treading and wear and tear.

Loop pile carpets are different to cut carpets in that the ends of the fibres are not cut, and instead they are left as loops. This looping ensures that the carpet is incredibly durable and the tighter the loops, the more durable the carpet. Tighter loops also mean that the pile of the carpet bounces back, which is why loop carpets tend to be recommended for areas such as stairs or hallways as they have to endure higher footfall. However, loop pile carpets tend to not be recommended if you have pets as their claws may get stuck in the loop pile which may pull or ruin the finish of the carpet.

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Choosing the Right Colour or Pattern

Selecting the right colour or pattern for your carpet is vital, but it can also be a lot harder that it sounds. To ensure that you do not get lost in all the colours and patterns, you should go shopping with some idea of the colours and styles which will work in your home. This will keep you focused and ensure that you do not stray from what you initially came to find.

You should also consider taking a picture of the room with you, this will remind you of key colours and features in your room to ensure that you find the right colour to match the current room. However, it is also important to consider the practicality of the colour or pattern you choose. If you have pets or children, a light coloured carpet may not be so practical as marks and stains will be much more visible. Check out our last post for top tips on how to choose your perfect carpet.

Do You Need Carpet Underlay?

Yes. Typically, it is a good idea to have underlay for your carpets. In the long run, the underlay will protect your floors, insulate your home and make the floor much more comfortable underfoot. Plus, underlay can even extend the life of your carpet, so there is no real reason not to have underlay in your home.

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