3 Ideas For Your Kitchen Flooring

Looking for flooring ideas for kitchen spaces? Joe Walker’s Flooring can help you find the ideal flooring for any kind of kitchen. We understand that kitchen flooring needs to be long-wearing and durable, that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring! Follow the advice of the carpets Glasgow based team to choose the right floor for your home. Just look at our last post to find out more about choosing the best bathroom flooring!

3 Flooring Ideas for Kitchen Spaces -Advice from Joe Walker’s Flooring

Quality kitchen flooring from Joe Walker’s Flooring.

Incorporate a Pattern

Most people worry about choosing patterned flooring! But there’s no need to be afraid of making new kitchen flooring a standout feature of the room. All you need to do is make sure that the current colour scheme of your wall and fittings compliment the pattern. Because we offer the highest standard of laminate, real wood and vinyl flooring it is likely to be the case that you’ll find patterned flooring from our showroom thats to your taste!

The Easy Option

If you are looking for flooring which is easy to install you should consider laminate or vinyl flooring. The range we stock of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is resistant to a lot of foot traffic, easy to clean and is extremely inexpensive. LVT is the perfect option if have a busy kitchen and need something easy to maintain! Also, whether you opt for vinyl or LVT, both are extremely comfortable under foot.

Traditional and Timeless

It’s now possible to create a traditional yet timeless aesthetic without having to use a natural material like stone. As we mentioned previously there are a wide range of effects that laminate and vinyl flooring can come in. You don’t have to go for the real thing because the man-made options are just as good. Though it is worth considering real wood flooring, not only for the aesthetic but because it is heat and moisture meaning that your kitchen will be kept warmer for longer!

Trust the Joe Walker’s Flooring team when looking to change the flooring of the next room in your home!


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