3 Reasons You Should Have Laminate Flooring in Your Living Room

In our last blog post, we discussed how best to show off your staircase with smart flooring ideas. Now, we’d like to talk about the rest of the house! Specifically, the living room. The living room is a place for the kids to play games, for you to unwind at the end of the day, or to have a few friends round for drinks on a Saturday night. For this kind of multi-functional space, laminate flooring is a great choice. In this blog, we’ll talk about the benefits of choosing laminate flooring, and share great laminate flooring ideas for living rooms.

Why Choose Laminate?

Laminate is, in the grand scheme of things, a relatively new type of flooring to hit the market. Since it’s introduction, it has boomed as an alternative to hard-wood flooring. More and more people are opting for laminate instead of more conventional flooring choices – such as carpet for living rooms, or tiling for kitchens.

There are good reasons for this! One of the main ones being that laminate is, simply put, a much more affordable choice than hardwood flooring. Laminate wood can very believably achieve the same look as hardwood flooring, without breaking the bank. On average, laminate costs around 50% of what hardwood does – leaving you the extra cash to splurge on other home projects.

Additionally, laminate flooring is easy to maintain. Natural wood flooring absorbs moisture and stains. It needs to be stripped, sanded and re-coated every now and then to accommodate for wear and tear. This can be an expensive process, or a time-consuming one if you choose to take it on yourself. With laminate flooring, a spill can simply be wiped up, and you won’t see signs of discolouration or sun damage. These benefits are particularly important in households with pets and children. Laminate is durable against busy lives, and won’t show signs of wear or scratches when the dog and kids are chasing each other around on it!

Laminate is also hypoallergenic – meaning it doesn’t trap dust or dirt particles that can irritate allergies or asthma sufferers. Even the strongest of vacuum cleaners often don’t pick up 100% of allergens from carpets. With laminate, a quick mop or sweep will get rid of all these things, keeping your home clean and safe.

Now that you know the benefits, read on to find out how to implement laminate into your home.

Laminate Flooring Ideas for Living Rooms:

1. Opt for laminate as a solution to your busy living space.

As mentioned above, it won’t show signs of wear and tear in the same way as carpet or hardwood flooring. Suppliers will also often be able to provide different grade ratings of laminate flooring. The benefit of this is that you can specify exactly how foot or paw-proof your floor needs to be! It’s understandable that in some areas of the house, like bedrooms, you may prefer carpet for it’s cosy feel. But for those busy, non-stop areas – like the living room – laminate is hands down the best choice.

laminate flooring ideas for living rooms

2. Use laminate flooring to complement the rest of the room.

One of the fantastic things about laminate flooring is that it can emulate a huge range of different styles of wood, without the extra cost. This means you can really choose a colour that makes the rest of your house pop. In your living room, try choosing a colour of laminate that will complement your existing furniture. For example, a dark walnut shade of laminate would sit beautifully alongside a navy blue sofa. You could also match the colour to your venetian blinds, giving the room a complete and together feel.

laminate flooring ideas for living rooms

3. Experiment with pattern!

Laminate doesn’t just have to emulate plain planks of wood. Try using laminate flooring in a pattern, or even switch up the colour of the slats to give your floor a trendy, antique feel. In the example below, a chevron pattern is used, which really brings a modern Scandi feel to the room. Experiment with testers to find the best fit for your living room.

laminate flooring ideas for living rooms

So now you’re all set to have some fantastic looking laminate flooring in your living room – and you know the benefits! We hope you enjoyed our laminate flooring ideas for living rooms. If you’d like some more advice about laminate flooring, or a free measure and quote, get in touch with Joe Walker’s.


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