3 Tips to Keep Your Carpet Clean this Winter

Worried about keeping your home carpeting clean this winter? With lots to celebrate in the upcoming months, between Christmas and New Year to muddy boots and soggy footprints, winter is a tough time for carpets. Fortunately, Joe Walker’s Flooring has the tips you need to keep your carpet looking good as new this winter!

Invest in a Door Mat (or Two!)

Whether you have been walking in the snow and rain, or if the kids have been splashing in the mud, mucky feet are a real threat to house carpeting. A door mat can really help to keep at least some of the mud and dirt out of your carpet. Whether you ask people to take off their shoes at the door or simply give their shoes a good rub on the door mat, this is a cheap and easy way to protect your carpets this winter.

Regular Vacuuming is a Must

Even the greatest door mats can’t stop all mud and dirt. Whether it falls of dirty trousers, or people simply forgetting to wipe their feet at the door, some dirt always manages to find a way into your home carpeting! Fortunately, regular vacuuming is a relatively easy fix. Simply vacuum your carpet on a regular basis, to pick up any dirt and mud, and your carpet will be gleaming from Guy Fox Night to Spring cleaning.

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Stain and Dirt Resistant Home Carpeting

Another great way to keep your carpet looking good this winter (and for years to come!) is by investing in a stain or dirt resistant carpet. At Joe Walker’s Flooring we have the best range of carpets Glasgow has on offer, so you can be sure that we have the stain and dirt resistant carpet for you. Dirt and stain resistant carpets are a great home carpeting solutions, helping to keep your carpet good as new, no matter how dirty your feet may get! Our wide range of stain and dirt resistant carpets do exactly what it says on the tin – they don’t trap stains or dirt in the carpet fibres, making for easy cleaning. All you need to do is vacuum or gently wipe your carpet to take out the stains or dirt – easy! Check out our last article for tips on how to find the best carpet supplier.

Home Carpeting from Joe Walker’s Flooring

Searching for a new, stain resistant carpet for your home? At Joe Walker’s Flooring, we have the perfect solution for you, with an impressive range of carpets to choose from, you can be sure that we have the flooring solution for you. Get in touch today to find out what we can do for you.


Have used joe walkers flooring several times times now and each time they deliver , from the friendly faces in the shop to the carpet fitters them selfs . They were on time and more importantly on price which is the main thing , can't recommend these guys highly enough

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