A Guide to Keeping your Vinyl Flooring in Great Condition

Wondering how to clean vinyl flooring? At Joe Walker’s Flooring, we have an expert team, ready to give you any needed advice! Our shop in Clydebank is the perfect place to come from your flooring and carpets Glasgow based needs.

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How to Clean Vinyl Flooring – Advice from Joe Walker

how to clean vinyl flooring

We have a range of different vinyl flooring options!

When it comes to finding out how to clean vinyl flooring, all you need to do is follow this guide!

Gentle Vacuuming

Vinyl is considered a type of flooring that is easier to maintain. Therefore, it only requires hassle free cleaning and not a lot of regular upkeep. We recommend gentle vacuuming as the most efficient and appropriate method for removing any surface debris. Dust and dirt can easily be removed with a soft brush – no deep cleaning is necessary.

Treat Stains with Damp Cloth

When trying to remove stains; don’t use chemicals or abrasive materials (e.g. a scourer), that you know is going to harm the flooring. All it takes is a damp cloth and some gentle soap. Bicarbonate of soda is very effective when cleaning a stain off vinyl flooring, but use it very carefully and in small amounts.

Non-Absorbent Surface

Vinyl flooring isn’t absorbent, so any liquid spilt or used to clean it will stay on its surface. If liquids are left for a long time on a vinyl floor, they can cause safety hazards for your family and potentially damage the flooring. If you see a spillage or excess water on vinyl, act fast to mop it up! Ensuring, of course, that the mop or cloth used is well wrung out.

Vinyl Cleaning Care Don’ts

  • Don’t use cleaning products with a soap base
  • Never use furniture polish on a floor
  • Like laminate flooring, don’t drag heavy furniture across the floor, it will be scratched and for that same reason avoid wearing high heels on your vinyl
  • Treat floors with appropriate/recommended products
  • Don’t use a steam cleaner or cloths/mops drenched in water!

At Joe Walker’s Flooring, we like to make sure our clients are kept updated with the latest information when it comes to flooring and carpet care. Look at our last post to find out how to look after laminate flooring.

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