Karndean Dumbarton

Joe Walker’s Flooring are proud to provide the most luxurious flooring, Karndean, Dumbaton has to offer. Being a U.K. provider of this stylish and iconic range, Joe Walker’s Flooring offers you the best choice of flooring. Karndean Dumbarton provides an extensive range of flooring options for throughout your home or office. With stunning options including wood and stone effects you can transform any room affordably.

  • Karndean – Art Select

    Available in 44 styles.

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  • Karndean Flooring Price.

    Karndean – Da Vinci

    Available in 41 styles.

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  • Karndean Dumbarton

    Karndean – Knight Tale

    Available in 42 styles.

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  • Karndean – Loose Lay

    Available in 28 styles.

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  • Karndean – Michelangelo

    Available in 14 styles.

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  • Karndean – Opus

    Available in 26 styles.

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  • Karndean – Palio Clic

    Available in 13 styles.

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  • Karndean Flooring installed in a kitchen. Karndean Flooring Price.

    Karndean – Van Gogh

    Available in 33 styles.

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Our expert staff can offer advice on which flooring option is most suitable for you but we are sure that Karndean Dumbarton is one of the best choices for those who want a luxurious feel.


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