Tips for Artificial Grass Maintenance

Looking for artificial grass maintenance tips? Joe Walker’s Flooring are experts when it comes to all aspects of caring for and installing indoor and outdoor flooring.

Following on from our last post – in which we explained how to make the most of fake grass – this post will focus on the methods of maintaining it! The carpets Glasgow based team will ensure that your newly installed artificial grass lawn is kept in the best possible condition for the longest amount of time.

Artificial Grass Maintenance Tips from Joe Walker’s Flooring

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Joe Walker’s Flooring are professional and experienced flooring installers.

Regularly Brush

We recommend that you develop the routine of lightly brushing your lawn either every week or every second week. Use a soft-bristled brush which is gentle to ensure that the artificial grass fibres remain intact. Also, make sure you are brushing the artificial fibres in the opposite direction!

Remove Leaves

To keep your artificial lawn looking neat and tidy make sure you spend time removing fallen leaves and twigs. Invest in a leaf blower, a brush or a plastic rake to easily remove the debris from your fresh fake grass. Also, spend time trimming surrounding hedges and trees to reduce the amount of falling leaves etc. on your lawn.

Get Rid of Weeds

Before artificial grass is installed there is an appropriate excavation process which needs to be carried out. If this isn’t carried out thoroughly enough there is a chance you will have weeds growing through drainage holes in the newly laid artificial grass. If you find yourself with this situation and want to prevent these weeds from coming through, make sure you take the following steps!

  • Pick weeds immediately when you see them
  • Treat necessary areas with weed killer on a regular basis
  • Rake/brush grass frequently
  • Make sure artificial fibres are kept well and upright by brushing

Seasonal Artificial Grass Maintenance

The only way that winter weather could damage your artificial grass is if snow latches onto the fibres. If this happens allow the snow or ice to thaw naturally. Don’t try and remove it yourself as you will do more harm than good!

Also, during the summer, if you have set up a barbecue on artificial grass, make sure hot items from that do not fall onto the lawn – this may cause the fake grass to melt.

Rely on Joe Walker’s Flooring for expert artificial grass guidance and installation.


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