Artificial Grass

Looking for artificial grass suppliers in Glasgow? Our artificial grass fitters are experienced in carrying out indoor and outdoor installations. Joe Walker’s Flooring specialise in helping homes and businesses improve the look of their outdoor spaces and lawns with synthetic grass. Many people are now turning to having artificial grass installed because it looks just as good as the real thing! It also saves time, years of maintenance and money. At our showroom in Clydebank we have a range of different synthetic grass options to browse. Our expert team of Glasgow based artificial grass suppliers are here for your outdoor needs.

Artificial Grass Suppliers Glasgow

There are many reasons why you may be thinking about installing artificial grass. The main benefit, and why we encourage homes to fit synthetic or “fake” grass, is because it’s incredibly easy it is to look after. You can enjoy time on your lawn without being reminded that it will soon be time to get the lawnmower out!

Also, if you live in a hectic household with pets and young children, artificial grass is ideal! After installing artificial grass you will immediately notice the lack of muddy paw and footprints in your home. Synthetic grass is much safer for children to play on because it isn’t as hard as real earth. You will be able to have peace of mind when your children are enjoying themselves in the garden.

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artificial grass fitters
Artificial Grass Fitters

We would also recommend using artificial grass if you’re being conscious of the environment. Should you install artificial grass, you will definitely notice how much water you are saving and will no longer be needing to use chemical polluters like fertiliser or pesticides. 

We can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with the longevity of your synthetic grass. Your lawn will continue to look fresh and full of life for a very long time after it is initially installed. And so, unless you are looking to re-landscape your garden once more in the future, there will be no need for additional repairs or maintenance from our artificial grass fitters.

Artificial Grass for Commercial and Domestic Use

Our artificial grass fitters can carry out any installation, for any home or business. Because fake grass is so versatile and looks great in a variety of settings, many businesses use it to improve the look of their property. Adding fresh looking synthetic grass will immediately improve the exterior area of your business.

Also, because our artificial grass looks so lush and green in all seasons, you can be sure potential customers will be impressed and drawn in by it. You don’t have to spend any time worrying about the grass once our team have installed it. You can go back to your business, knowing your property looks great on the outside!

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