3 Ideas to Refresh your Bedroom Flooring for Spring

Looking for bedroom flooring ideas for a Spring refresh? Joe Walker’s Flooring will help you change up any room in your home in preparation for the upcoming warmer months. Embrace the milder weather with guidance from our carpets Glasgow based.

Bedroom Flooring Ideas for Spring from Joe Walker’s Flooring

The Joe Walker’s Flooring team can help you find the perfect flooring for any room!

Hypoallergenic Carpet

Do you suffer from hay fever? Don’t be affected by your allergies in your bedroom – install hypoallergenic carpet. If you want to keep your bedroom cosy, and not have to compromise for real wood, vinyl etc. there are many hypoallergenic carpet options available. Man-made fibres tend to be more hypoallergenic than carpets made with natural fibres. So if you are concerned with finding a carpet which you won’t have a reaction to, go for one made from polypropylene or nylon. These carpets tend to be naturally more mould and mildew resistant as well.

Laminate Flooring

Another one of our bedroom flooring ideas is laminate. Though maybe not an automatic choice when considering your bedroom, laminate flooring is durable, versatile and easy to maintain. If you want to learn more about Spring cleaning Karndean, a type of laminate flooring, take a look at our last post.

Our range of laminate flooring at the Joe Walker’s Flooring showroom in Clydebank is so varied; you’ll be sure to find the flooring right for your bedroom. Just in time for summer! If you’re concerned laminate flooring isn’t homely or warm enough when the colder months come back around – customise and add some colour to the space with rugs.

Real Wood Flooring

Lastly, real wood flooring could be what you’re looking for.  Another practical option; wood flooring is a long term investment! A good flooring choice to make if you’re someone who can’t make up your mind, wood flooring will wear well and is a timeless option in terms of style. Though you may see it as more expensive – don’t be put off by it!

Trust Joe Walker’s Flooring when looking for new flooring in Spring! 


Used these guys last year, and had a great experience, used them again this week and have to say, they don't disappoint! Friendly welcome in the shop and joe remembered me lol, was able to pick flooring with ease and get fitted within a couple of days! The fitters done a great job! Thanks again joe and staff!

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