Benefits of Berber Carpet

Looking for a beautiful new Berber carpet? With countless Berber carpet designs and styles, Berber carpets are the perfect addition to your home. But what makes Berber carpet designs so special? We have some of the wonderful benefits of installing Berber carpet in your home.


When it comes to finding a durable, long-lasting carpet, Berber is certainly a great option. While the type of fibre can influence the durability of a Berber carpet, the sturdy Berber carpet designs are sure to last for years to come, even in the busiest of households.


Berber carpet designs are truly beautiful, making them the perfect addition to your home. Available in a range of stunning colours and designs, Berber carpets are incredibly versatile making them ideal for any home design and colour scheme. Check out our last blog article for more information about Berber carpets.


The looped style of this carpet makes it incredibly cushioned underfoot, this creates an incredibly comfortable surface to walk on. For maximum comfort and luxury, we recommend a wool or nylon Berber carpet due to the soft nature of these materials.

berber carpet designs


Known for its great value, Berber carpets are incredibly affordable particularly if you opt for a polyester Berber carpet. While it may not be as luxurious as wool Berber, you will still reap the benefits of the beautiful, durable Berber carpet.

Stain Resistance

Many Berber carpets tend not to absorb any spills, instead they sit on the surface, allowing you to blot up the spill with ease. If you are looking for further stain resistance, at Joe Walker’s Flooring, we have an incredible range of stain resistant carpets to ensure that your carpet stays looking good as new for years to come.

Berber Carpet Designs from Joe Walker’s Flooring

Ready to reap the benefits of a Berber carpet in your home? With the best range of carpets Glasgow has on offer, you can be sure that we have the perfect Berber carpet for your home.

Find the Berber carpet of your dreams today.


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