Why is Flooring Underlay Important?

What is the best carpet underlay for insulation? Follow the expert advice from Joe Walker’s Flooring so that you make the most of your new flooring with help from quality underlay.

No matter what kind of flooring you have, underlay is a must. It doesn’t matter if you’re installing new flooring in a commercial or domestic property, we encourage everyone to use an underlay of the highest standard. Not only can it provide additional underfoot cushioning, but it also helps to keep in heat in a room. Therefore reducing the cost of electrical bills! You can trust that the carpets Glasgow based team from Joe Walker’s Flooring will be here at any time providing the best flooring advice and service.

Best Carpet Underlay for Insulation – Why is it so Important?

best carpet underlay for insulation

Our carpet installers will ensure your home is fitted with the right underlay!

Heat Loss Without Underlay

We consider underlay a necessity! This is largely because about 10% of the heat loss in homes is through the floor. Therefore, by investing in some underlay recommended by our team and high quality flooring, you have more of a chance at saving money and energy!

Protect Condition of Your Floor

Another reason why you should think carefully about the underlay you choose, is because it can act as a shock absorber. It, therefore, it will protect your floor from wear. This is great if you have a particularly busy household and people are constantly coming in and out.


Underlay is also beneficial if you’re hoping to soundproof a room. The best carpet underlay for insulation will act as a barrier against noise. Particularly good if you have a busy workplace! Also, this means that there will be a reduction in the amount of noise you hear from rooms upstairs in your home.

Any Flooring Type

The final reason why underlay is so important is you can use a variety of the same underlay for a range of different types of flooring. From laminate and vinyl to carpet, the right underlay will ensure that your floor is looking and feeling the best it can be!

At Joe Walker’s Flooring we like to make sure that our customers are kept updated with the latest information. This is why we have created guides for all the types of flooring we offer! Take a look at our last post, to learn more about the British carpet manufacturers; Abingdon.

Rely on the Joe Walker’s Flooring team to provide you with the best underlay.


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