Best Flooring for Living Room

Choosing the flooring for your living room, the most used room of your home, can be daunting. The room demands aesthetics along with strength and longevity. So you want to look for flooring that covers all these factors.

Below are some best flooring options for the living room that you may opt for. All these options offer luxury and comfort with added strength and durability.

1. Carpet Flooring

If you love warm and soft surfaces underfoot or have kids at home, then the carpet is the best flooring option for your living room. Carpets create a cosy and comfortable environment and a safe option for your children to play.

Look for a carpet with thick material and pick a colour that matches your room’s texture for pleasant vibes. Polypropylene carpet can be a good, durable option as it is stain-resistant and will withstand everyday foot traffic. Picking one with 80% wool and 20% nylon is also a brilliant choice for strength and a cosy feel.

2. Stylish Wooden Flooring 

Wood flooring gives your living room a luxurious feel and look. You can go for either solid wood or engineered wood floors as both offer strength and look luxurious.

Solid wood floors are more popular among homeowners because of the luxury and strength they offer. Wooden floors last for years, and if damaged, you can simply sand or refinish them.

Some homeowners prefer engineered floors over wooden ones because they come in plenty of tones and styles so you can choose one that creates the best flooring look for your living room.

3. Vinyl Flooring

If you want to upgrade your living room on a budget, then vinyl flooring is for you. It’s cheap but offers the look and feel of expensive wood or stone flooring. Another benefit of vinyl flooring is that walking on it makes you feel warmer than other flooring materials. In addition to this, vinyl floors are easy to clean and maintain.

Vinyl flooring comes in unlimited colours, textures, and patterns so you can choose one that goes well with your living room’s texture and vibes.

4. Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is a durable, stylish, and lively flooring option for your living room. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are popular among homeowners because of the stunning luxurious looks and longevity they offer. You can complement tiles floors with small, luxury rugs to zone the space and create a kid-friendly area.

The Best Flooring Type for Living Room

The living room is the centre area of the house and is used frequently throughout the day, which means you are going to see a lot of footsteps in your living area. So, choose the floor you want to love to walk on, whether you want easy-care or low-cost flooring.

If your desired floor has qualities such as softness and warmth, then go for carpet. But if you prefer durability over comfort, then pick tiles. Wood also makes a great investment as it never goes out of style and can be refinished easily. If you want to balance affordability, aesthetics, and durability, try vinyl flooring.

Looking for Living Room Flooring?

If you are looking for luxury yet strong and affordable flooring for your home or living room, check Joe Walkers’ flooring collection. From carpets, Karndean to tile and wood floors, the store offers it all. You’ll see a wide range of flooring in various materials, styles, and designs, making it easy for you to find the best flooring option for your living room.


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