The Best Way to Look After Laminate Flooring – Our Top Tips

Are you looking for laminate wood flooring care advice? We understand how challenging it can be to care for laminate. With our options of cheap laminate flooring Glasgow based, there’s no need for stress! The team from Joe Walker’s Flooring is here with the answers to all your questions.

After helping lots of customers find the perfect flooring for their home, we know what is required when it comes to caring for all different floors. After one of our team has installed a shiny new laminate floor, make sure it’s maintained. Our carpets Glasgow based team are always on hand to provide you with the most experienced knowledge! Check out our full range of laminate flooring online or in store.

Laminate Wood Flooring Care Tips with Joe Walker’s Flooring

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Joe Walker’s Flooring laminate advice comes with experience!

Cleaning Laminate Floor

There are many different suggestions when it comes to cleaning laminate. Much the same as maintaining real wood – look at our last post to find out more about that, cleaning laminate requires as little water as possible. Therefore it is appropriate to use a solution of vinegar and warm water with use a slightly damp cloth. If you use too much water on the laminate, try and remove it as quickly as possible. Soaking the surface of laminate allows the water to seep underneath which can cause warping.

Cleaning Top Tips

  • Don’t use a soaking wet mop
  • Wipe up any wet residue up immediately (with a dry cloth)
  • Regular sweeping/vacuuming will keep floors unaffected by damp and easily remove dirt and dust.
  • For intensive clean – use slightly damp micro-fibre cloth and laminate specific cleaning fluid.
  • Use ice to harden awkward substances (e.g. chewing gum), then carefully scrape them off to remove.

Maintaining Laminate Floor

There are many ways to preserve the laminate wood shine we know our clients love! Don’t let the dirt get the better of your new floor, follow some of our laminate wood flooring care tips. First of all, you need to deal with the stones or sharp debris on the laminate as soon as possible! Laminate is extremely susceptible to scrapes. To remedy, scrub the floors with a mix of vinegar and warm water. The most obvious way to ensure your new lovely Joe Walker’s Flooring laminate doesn’t lose its shine is by applying polish. Invest in a polish you know is specifically for laminate. But be careful, it might be slippery!

Maintenance Top Tips

  • Never use rough-surfaced or abrasive products (a scourer) when caring for laminate
  • Pick up your furniture rather than dragging it across a room that has laminate – dragging will lead to scrapping!
  • Take off your shoes when walking on laminate. Small pieces of gravel could be wedged in your shoes without knowing.
  • Keep pets nails trimmed to avoid smaller scratches
  • Sunlight can bleach the surface of laminate, consider this before choosing your perfect flooring.

Rely on the team from Joe Walker’s Flooring for your laminate installation.


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