Why laminate is a great choice of flooring for a conservatory

flooring ideas for conservatories

We gave you flooring ideas for conservatories before, and today we would like to focus on one of our favourite types of flooring for conservatories, which is the versatile laminate!   Laminate sometimes gets a bad rep, or is deemed unfashionable, but we’d like to show you that this is […]

2nd October 2019

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Our Favourite Staircase Flooring Ideas

Your staircase might not seem like the most important place to take into consideration when choosing the flooring for your home – after all, it’s not like anyone will be spending any great amount of time on it! However, your staircase can be made into a standout feature if you […]

9th September 2019

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3 of Our Favourite Bathroom Flooring Trends

Joe Walker’s Flooring has a wide range of flooring choices for your home and garden, bathroom included! Today, we will share with you 3 of our favourite bathroom trends of 2019,  which you will love if you’re in need of ideas for bathroom floor tiles for a home renovation. 1. […]

7th August 2019

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Flooring ideas for outdoor patio

  We recently gave you some easy flooring ideas for your garden shed, and to expand on our outdoors series,  today, we will share some of our cheap ideas for patio floors. Patio flooring is as important as the flooring in your home, because with the right decoration and floor, […]

7th July 2019

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Our Top Garden Shed Flooring Ideas

garden shed flooring ideas

In our last post, we gave you some of our favourite indoor-outdoor flooring ideas, and today, we will focus on one of the most versatile indoor-outdoor spaces – the wonderful garden shed – sharing some of our top garden shed flooring ideas. The planned purpose of your garden shed will […]

24th June 2019

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The Best Indoor-Outdoor Flooring Ideas

indoor outdoor flooring ideas

There are countless benefits to indoor-outdoor integrated living, but executing this in home design can be a challenging task. While it can be as simple as adding a big door to your garden, creating a truly indoor-outdoor space requires the creation of flow between the spaces. An excellent way of […]

17th June 2019

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3 Inexpensive Outdoor Flooring Ideas

inexpensive outdoor flooring ideas - patio and artificial grass

At Joe Walker’s Flooring, we believe outdoor flooring is just as important as flooring inside your home, as it can truly transform your outdoor space. The right flooring can make your exterior more welcoming and elegant, and more suitable to host guests or have al fresco family meals. We recently […]

12th June 2019

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Ideas for Hallway Flooring

small hallway flooring ideas

Looking for small hallway flooring ideas? Joe Walker’s Flooring can offer the best flooring for your hallway, no matter its size. Hallway flooring needs to withstand high levels of foot traffic – including paws, and so, need to be easy to maintain and in a colour or style that compliments […]

12th June 2019

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3 Flooring Options for Conservatories

best flooring for conservatory

Looking for the best flooring for conservatory spaces? Joe Walker’s Flooring are experts when it comes to finding the right flooring for any room in your home. We know it can be difficult to find the right floor for a space like a conservatory. However, a carpets Glasgow based professional […]

27th May 2019

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