Bold Flooring Choices for Your Home

Are you trying to find inspiration for bold flooring? You can trust the experts from Joe Walker’s Flooring to provide you with a range of unique flooring solutions, perfect for your needs!

The carpets Glasgow based team at Joe Walker’s Flooring have helped so many customers to choose their ideal flooring. Our broad selection of flooring varieties, colours and patterns allows us to offer lots of unique flooring solutions, choose something different with our guidance!

Unique Flooring Solutions from Joe Walker’s Flooring

Try out some unique flooring solutions with Joe Walker’s Flooring.


The easiest way to make sure that your flooring is bold is to choose brightly coloured flooring. Brightly coloured flooring can transform a room, bringing new light and could create the illusion of a bigger space. Also, coloured carpet is perfect for children’s bedrooms! One of our team will help you in choosing which type of colour flooring is best suited to your home.


Patterned flooring is another opportunity to enhance the character of a room.  Patterned flooring can come in lots of different types, for example; tartan carpet, vinyl and floor tiles. Even if a subtle pattern is chosen, it will still add something extra to a room, from bathroom to living room! Also, opting for patterned flooring in one room can make it a feature of the whole house. A practical choice if you have pets, look at our last post to find out more.

Black and White

Our final piece of advice when it comes to offering unique flooring solutions is to consider jumping on the trend of black and white flooring. A very stylish option, which, can work well across any room of the house and can even look very professional in a commercial building! As it is such a popular choice, there are so many options of black and white patterned, tiled, painted wooden and marble flooring. The black and white contrast is eye-catching and is a perfect option if you are looking to make bold flooring choices.

Follow the guidance from Joe Walker’s Flooring and choose your bold flooring, today.


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