16th April 2019

Make the Most of Your Garden with Artificial Grass

artificial grass ideas

Have you started preparing your garden for summer? If your natural lawn grass has become too much to handle and is overgrown, it might be time to think about fitting an easier, more manageable option. We have a range of artificial grass ideas ideal for making the most of your garden space.

The carpets Glasgow based team from Joe Walker’s Flooring will make sure that your artificial grass fitting is carried out smoothly and efficiently. And, as we highlighted in our last post, there are many benefits of installing artificial grass – you’ll definitely notice them immediately!

Artificial Grass Ideas from Joe Walker’s Flooring

fake grass garden

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Vibrant and Complimenting

Artificial grass is very vibrant in colour and will bring an immediate sense of life to your outside space. Therefore, in opting to install artificial grass you will be able to bring something different to your garden and completely transform a previously lacklustre area. Once your artificial grass is laid and you are left with an open green space, you can use this as a blank canvas to start landscaping your dream garden! From the addition of a social space with soft furnishings to areas with shade using parasols and awnings – the possibilities are endless.

Flowerbeds and Paving

Another way you can make the most of your outdoor space is if you incorporate some natural colour. If you’re looking to bring in some texture, height difference and section off different areas, add raised flower beds! Is there a better time than Spring to plant flowers? Whatever flowers you choose are likely to co-ordinate with your newly refreshed artificial grass garden.

Entertaining Area

Artificial grass also works well as a surface for social and entertaining areas of the garden. You can create a whole separate area for barbecuing and enjoying the warmer weather simply by installing fake grass and setting down new weatherproof furniture. Artificial grass will provide a strong, supportive base upon which you can build a completely unique entertaining space. We believe the natural grass alternative also looks great with patios, pebbles and decks! Joe Walker’s Flooring can help you make the most of your home; inside and outside.

Trust our team when preparing your garden for the summer months!

16th April 2019