5th December 2018

3 Different Types of Flooring Underlay

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What are the different types of flooring insulation available? Because there are so many options we know it can be challenging to know which underlay choose. By paying a visit to our carpets Glasgow based team, we can help you decide on the right flooring or carpet for any home or business.

Different Types of Flooring Insulation – Advice from Joe Walker’s Flooring

different types of insulation

Choose the right flooring underlay with help from Joe Walker’s Flooring.

In our last post¬†we explained what underlay is and why it’s important. Now, it’s time to explain a little bit more! Here are 3 different types of flooring insulation;

PU (Polyurethane) Foam

This kind of underlay is manufactured from recycled furniture foam. We wouldn’t recommend this form of underlay for living areas, because it is known for being one of the least durable types of insulation. However, PU Foam is great for bedrooms, offices or anywhere in your home in which there isn’t much foot traffic. Relatively environmentally friendly, this type of underlay can come in a variety of different thicknesses and because it is made from foam it can be cut into any shape you desire.

Wool Felt

Looking for an eco-friendly option? Wool felt underlay is made from 100% recyclable fibres. Wool felt underlay will prolong the life of a carpet quite substantially, and so is a popular choice among home and business owners. Also, because of the high percentage of wool present in it, it makes for great thermal insulation and a little bit of sound-blocking.


Much like wool felt underlay, rubber is extremely durable and provides a high standard of insulation. Rubber underlay is especially effective when used under wood and laminate flooring. The rubber is manufactured to have a sponge-like feel, making it more flexible, easy to fit and softer under foot. Like the other two different types of insulation mentioned previously, rubber underlay is eco-friendly – it’s made from recycled tyres!

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5th December 2018