18th December 2018

How to Protect Your Wooden Floor for Party Season

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Looking to protect your floor from the party season? Christmas and New Year is a busy time, full of socialising and celebrations! So, make sure that you’re taking care of wood floors as best you can. The carpets Glasgow based team always provide the most specialist flooring care tips!

Taking Care of Wood Floors for Party Season – Tips from Joe Walker’s Flooring

taking care of wood floors

Protect your floors as much as possible this Christmas with help from Joe Walker’s Flooring.

Prepare for the Tree

Do you have a real Christmas tree? Make sure that you prepare the area of your real wood floor where you’d like to put it! To minimise the amount of needles that fall off the tree, shake it out before you bring into your home. Then, cover the area where you’re putting the tree with a blanket, a bath mat or an old carpet cut off! This will ensure that the wood flooring remains scratch free and be easier when it comes to removing it after Christmas. Also, if you are concerned about water and soil from the tree making it’s way through to the floorboards, use a plate underneath the pot or stand to act as a barrier.


Another way of taking care of wood floors over the party season is by investing in some area rugs. Laying rugs across your real wood floor will not only act as a much needed a barrier for spillages, it can add something more festive to the room. Area rugs are also great for additional insulation in a room! If you’re thinking of upping your flooring insulation ready for the New Year, take a look at our last post.¬†You’ll definitely notice the difference in adding an area rug to your living area, your home will be ready for any festive gathering!

Ask for Guests Help

Our final tip when taking care of wood floors in preparation for a party is to ask for your guests help. Simply ask your friends and family to take their shoes off before entering your home, they won’t mind! High heeled shoes are particularly damaging to real wood floors, so make sure that anyone who is attending your party is informed beforehand. Also, it is worthwhile to ask for the help of your guests during the party if they see any drinks spilling or food stains. But, don’t be constantly stressed about caring for the wooden floors – concentrate on having fun!

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18th December 2018