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Are you thinking about installing laminate flooring? Follow this guide to cheap laminate flooring in Glasgow from Joe Walker’s Flooring to decide if it’s the best choice for your home.

With the help of the experts at Joe Walker’s the process of choosing your flooring is simple! It doesn’t matter if you require a laminate installation for a commercial or domestic property; our carpets Glasgow based team will ensure that every stage is completed to the highest of standards with unbeatable customer service.

The Ultimate Guide to Cheap Laminate Flooring

What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate is made from many layers that are sealed together during the process of lamination. To ensure it is a more affordable and durable alternative to real wood; it has 4 layers.

  • A wear layer, which helps the laminate to resist day to day wear is also a surface that is extremely easy to clean. This layer is also fade and stain-resistant.
  • A decor layer, this layer is responsible for the printed wood-grain like image that most varieties of laminate feature.
  • Then there is the core layer. This layer gives the laminate structural properties which ultimately makes it more resistant to being deeply scratched or dented.
  • And lastly is the backer layer, which gives the laminate support and stability.

Why should you choose Laminate?

There are many reasons households and businesses choose to install laminate flooring. These are just some of the benefits which we believe make laminate flooring an ideal option.

cheap laminate flooring glasgow

Scratch Resistant

Laminate flooring is extremely scratch resistant. Also, because it is a readily available alternative to hardwood flooring; most types of laminate flooring are found to be well-resistant to impact.

Quick Installation

Another benefit of laminate flooring is that it has a quick installation time. Most laminate works with a locking system. And so, laminate can be fitted in an average sized room in under a day.

Easily Replaced

As it is so easy to install, laminate flooring is also easily replaceable. If you want to change your laminate flooring completely or change the room it is currently installed in, you can easily do so.

What should you consider before installing laminate flooring?

Colour and Texture

There are 3 different textures of laminate flooring;

  • Hand-scraped laminate. Which is the one designed to look most like real wood. Its indents from being hand scraped are made to copy wood grain textures.
  • Textured laminate. This variety is made to mimic the style of sold wood flooring.
  • Smooth laminate. This laminate is much more natural and simplistic than the previous 2. While it is more affordable, it is also as scratch resistant. This is the type of laminate that comes in a variety of colours and can be perceived to copy the look of varnished solid wood.


There are several different styles of laminate flooring you can browse through. These are suitable for all decor and decades of homes and can also be adapted for your workplace. Go for modern, antique or colourful – there is a vast spectrum of colours!

How do you maintain laminate flooring?

Because of it’s “wear layer,” laminate flooring is extremely tough and durable. Meaning that, if you should stain or mark it, you will be able to find something to easily maintain it. As mentioned in one of our previous posts, it is incredibly easy to clean laminate flooring. However, if you have had laminate flooring for years and it is completely worn and scratched, you can’t sand it down like real wood. In a case like this you will need to replace it.

All that is needed to ensure that the laminate is cared for is;

  • Regular sweeping and vacuuming will reduce chances of the floor being affected by damp and is the best way to remove dirt and dust.
  • A micro-fibre cloth and a cleaning product that is specific to laminate flooring.
  • A well wrung out mop – using a soaking mop will damage it’s layers. If you accidentally get excess water on it get a dry cloth to clean it up.

cheap laminate flooring glasgow

What varieties of laminate flooring do we offer at Joe Walker’s Flooring?

We have a vast selection of laminate. All of which are of a very high quality and have been manufactured using the latest in innovative laminate technology.

Swiss Infinity

Double Herringbone

Quattro Vintage



Is laminate flooring suitable for pet owners?

cheap laminate flooring glasgow

Laminate is often a choice people with dogs and cats go for because it’s easy to clean, scratch and water resistant. It’s the perfect choice you are puppy training or have many pets with muddy paws. So, though many people avoid installing laminate for pets because of its slippery surface, it’s other features make up for it.

Cheap Laminate Flooring Glasgow based from Joe Walker’s Flooring

For more information as well as this laminate flooring buyers guide, take a look at our last post.

Book today for your free measure appointment and discover the full range of laminate from Joe Walker’s Flooring!


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