Choosing Your Floor Colours

When considering redecorating our home, we tend to give importance to aspect such as wall colour, wall decor or how to utilise the space. We tend to neglect one part of decorating in particular, the flooring! Flooring is one of the most important elements of space decor. Your flooring choice can greatly impact the tone and feel of each room by the choice of material and colour and can create dimension and the illusion of space. Flooring doesn’t have to break the bank to impress your guests!

Choosing a floor colour can seem like an overwhelming job, especially with the amount of choice you find before online or in stores, but flooring can truly rejuvenate a dull, boring or old-fashioned room. Let us help you in choosing the right floor colours that complement the room’s décor:

1. Analyse the size of a room:

The first and foremost you must do while deciding on your flooring is to consider the size of your room. When dealing with a larger, open space room you may wish to pick flooring with warmer tones or darker colours. This will make the room appear less empty and create a cosier atmosphere.

For smaller rooms with less floor space, using lighter and more neutral-toned flooring will help open the room up more and give the illusion of more space. Picking light wooden flooring or carpets with cream or beige tones are ideal for these types of rooms. Make sure that rooms of a smaller size get as much natural light as possible and try hanging mirrors and another décor on the walls to prevent taking up floor space.

2. Check you floor colours in different lights:

The lighting in your home changes from season to season, day to day and even hour to hour based on the time of year and what the weather is like that particular day. Especially in the United Kingdom, we can see all four seasons in one day! Once you have decided the style you are wanting to go for, make sure you take a sample of those flooring options and see how they look in different lights e.g. natural lighting, artificial light etc. Check that the colour and style of the flooring suits your room at all times of the day and that the colour of the flooring doesn’t was out your room or make it appear smaller than it is. Flooring is so important, and you want to make sure that you have got it right before you install it.

3. Match your furniture:

Make sure that when you are selecting your flooring colours, you take everything into consideration and that includes your furniture. This seems like an obvious point, but there is nothing more heartbreaking than redecorating your room to move the furniture back in and some of your items or maybe a sentimental piece no longer works in that room. Make sure that if you are choosing a wooden flooring that any of your existing wooden furniture. Consider the tones and warmth of the furniture you have a select a flooring to compliment that. If you are selecting a flooring like a carpet, you need to ensure that the colour and tones tie in with any sofa and soft furnishings that would have.  Make sure that you use pops of colour to tie it all together and make the room pop!

Floor Colours

4. Stick to your theme:

Sometimes, we like to dream big when it comes to redecorating our homes. Why not? After all our home is somewhere we spend most of our time, so you want to make sure that you enjoy spending time there. If you want to follow a certain theme which you have in your mind, then you must choose the floor colours accordingly and turn your dreams into reality. If you keep a simple theme, then opt for neutral colours like cream and beige.

5. Personal touches:

It’s always good to add the element of your personality to the floor colours as well. Chose a style that suits your personality, and not just a fab trend that will fall out of fashion in a couple of months. If you are someone who loves nature and prefers a more simplistic approach to décor, you will probably be happy with natural wood flooring, or neutral tones. Alternatively, if you like to express yourself more through your home you might prefer to go for something bolder in your flooring choice. There are so many options for more traditional floors, such as dark wooden flooring, patterned carpets or bold lino for kitchens and bathrooms.

6. Functionality:

Every room in your house have a specific function, and your flooring choice should be selected accordingly. For rooms that get a lot of foot traffic, such as the hall you may wish to use wooden or easily cleaned flooring. Alternatively, if you want to you could use darker carpet shades, this way if any pets or children tread in some dirt, it will be less noticeable till you can bust out the cleaning equipment!

For kitchens and bathrooms, easy cleaning is a necessity. Laminate or vinyl tiles offer classic looking flooring without the hard to clean grout. Picking flooring that makes your life easier will make such a difference. If you have any four-legged friends, you might want to consider scratch resistance options instead of hardwood that your dogs and cats could destroy. See our selection of vinyl tiles and laminate for further ideas on scratch-resistant flooring.

Choosing floor colours is an art but one that we are sure you can master. All you need is a little bit of common sense and personality. It is always good to browse through some websites or visit some local stores to see them in person! At Joe Walker’s Flooring, we have a range of flooring options from vinyl tiles, carpets to laminates in different colours and patterns. Get in touch with us today for more information.


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