Ultimate Cormar Carpet Flooring Guide

Thinking of installing cormar carpet? Follow this guide from Joe Walker’s Flooring to find out more about the best flooring for your home or business.

With years of experience, our carpets Glasgow based team can ensure that your commercial or domestic space is fitted with the highest quality flooring. From laminate, luxury vinyl tile or real wood – our selection is vast. We are confident that after a trip to our showroom you will find the most appropriate carpet for your needs.

Ultimate Guide to Cormar Carpet from Joe Walker’s Flooring

What is Cormar Carpet?

Cormar carpets are the UK’s leading carpet manufacturer. A family-run British company who have stockists throughout Britain and Ireland, they have been in the carpet manufacturing industry since 1956; starting from a only couple of mills in Lancashire. Specialists in producing easy to clean wool and polypropylene carpeting of all styles and colours, we are proud to offer the following types of cormar carpets at Joe Walker’s Flooring;

Whether you are looking for a flooring solution that is pet or family friendly, wool loop or easy to clean; we have an option for you!

cormar carpet stain resistant

Cormar carpets are a British based, family run business!

Why Should You Choose a Cormar Carpet?

Stain and Wear Resistant

Cormar carpets have a range of easy to clean carpets, made specifically for those everyday accidental spills and stains. These are aimed at families with pets and young children. Soft enough for your children to play and enjoys themselves on, but durable when it comes to resisting stains and wear; there is no reason not to go for an easy to clean cormar carpet.

Luxury Feel

Cormar also offer deep pile carpets; which will add a sense of luxury to any room! Perfect if you are looking something to make your home that little bit more special. Thanks to developments in fibre technology, the cormar team have been able to manufacture a range of softer pile carpets – even more comfortable underfoot!


If you are looking for a way to add some warmth to your home, cormar carpets are perfect. Together with a high quality underlay – which one of our flooring experts will advise on – a carpet of this type will be able to reduce the heat loss significantly in your home. Not only will this decrease your energy bill a lot; therefore saving you money, but will make you feel even more cosy in the winter months!

Sound Absorbent

Lastly, carpets are much more sound absorbent than choosing a flooring material like real wood or tile. If you choose a cormar carpet you will notice your home will feel more serene and calming.

bedroom carpet

A cormar carpet is ideal for any room in your home!

How Do You Maintain Cormar Carpets?

As we mentioned in our last post, caring for carpets only really requires regular, thorough vacuuming. However, you can also follow these tips if you are looking to make sure your carpet is kept pristine, like the day it is first installed!

  • Encourage people to remove their shoes before walking on it. This way the chance of any wear will be reduced, and no dirt will be spread around the house.
  • Act quickly when there is a spill or stain on your carpet, don’t wait until it dries!
  • Blot away a mark on the carpet with a dry cloth.
  • Don’t panic and apply lots of cleaning products to a carpet. This will spread harsh chemicals and do more damage than good.

In the case of the polypropylene cormar carpets easy clean range, all that is required to keep it in a good condition is bleach and warm water. If the stain is particularly challenging to remove, use a professional carpet cleaner!

Add something special to your home with Cormar carpets from Joe Walker’s Flooring!


Over the years I have bought carpets from a few different places but always felt I was dealing with foot in the door salesmen. I didn't feel like that in Joe Walkers showroom. If anything I felt they were pushing me away from the more expensive. The end result was a carpet that they claimed would be easily cleaned. I didn't really believe it would be that easy but went for it anyway. The carpet is a dream. We have a beige carpet that has had dried in dog puke, cranberries, Coke and blood. All I did was sprayed it with water and dabbed it with kitchen towel and it was spotless. It was even bone dry. The fitters did a cracking job. They said the whole house including wood flooring was 2 days work. Done in a day and the fitting team helped move the larger items of furniture about. Don't waste time going anywhere else. These guys are so focused on doing the job right.

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