Tips for Eco-Friendly Flooring Care

Wondering how to care for your eco-friendly flooring? Joe Walker’s Flooring are experts when it comes to maintaining every variety of flooring. We are always recommending the most effective eco-friendly floor cleaners! Trust our carpets Glasgow based team when searching for your sustainable flooring maintenance advice.

As we mentioned in our previous post, we are passionate about ensuring commercial and domestic properties have the highest standard of flooring available! You can turn to us for your flooring needs.

Eco-Friendly Floor Cleaners from Joe Walker’s Flooring

eco friendly floor cleaners

Joe Walker’s Flooring can help you find sustainable flooring options for your specific flooring.

Homemade Solutions

Sometimes, the best remedies to help your flooring come back to life are the ones you make at home! Making your own cleaning detergents will ensure that you are completely aware of the ingredients of your cleaning products and so, you won’t be wary when using them to treat your floor. A popular formulation is the combination of water and vinegar. This is a completely non-toxic cleaning solution which will do a great job of cleaning without the risk that your flooring will warp.

Biological Cleaning Products

Another popular choice if you are looking for effective, yet environmentally conscious flooring cleaners are biological products. Biological cleaners are completely multi-purpose. As they contain “good” bacteria, enzymes are produced and used to break up any organic waste the cleaner comes into contact with. Aside from being completely safe for the environment, biological products are considered superior to traditional cleaning treatments because of their effectiveness. Also, biological treatment differs from traditional methods because of the process. A biological cleaning process keeps on cleaning and lingers on the applied surface – multiplying in this “good” bacteria and so, continuing to eliminate the bad bacteria.

Microfiber Mops

Our last recommendation when it comes to eco-friendly flooring cleaners is using microfiber mops. A combination of polyester and nylon fibre, microfiber has the ability to trap more dirt and moisture than regular cotton. A static charge from the nylon pulls in and traps the dirt, this can then be washed away. It is, therefore, the case that microfiber mops use significantly less water than cotton ones. If you’re looking for a less strenuous, greener option when it comes to cleaning your floors – microfiber cloths are definitely worth considering! If you’re unsure of the most appropriate eco friendly floor cleaner products for your specific type of flooring, the team from Joe Walker’s are always on hand to help.

Trust Joe Walker’s Flooring to handle your sustainable flooring needs, today.


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