All You Need to Know About Abingdon Carpets

What is Abingdon Flooring? Abingdon Flooring is an outstanding carpet supplier, providing stunning carpets suitable for any room in your home. At Joe Walker’s Flooring we have the full range of Abingdon carpets, so you can be sure that we have the perfect Abingdon carpet for your home.

Who Are Abingdon Flooring?

As the UK’s largest independent quality carpet manufacturer, Abingdon are a truly British company. Based in South Wales, West Midlands and and throughout the North of England this British flooring company strive to provide the highest quality flooring around the UK. Abingdon currently produces a whopping 9-million square metres of carpet each year, that is enough carpet to get you to the USA and back!

Quality Carpets

Using top grade raw materials to create their carpets and continuing advancements in carpet making technologies, you can be sure that Abingdon make carpets of the highest quality. As well as creating high quality carpets, Abingdon strive to provide outstanding choice in style and colour while providing excellent value for money which we pass on directly to you, our customers! Check out out last blog article for all you need to know about buying a carpet for your home.

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Abingdon Carpets Ranges

Abingdon has four core carpet ranges: Stainfree, Aqua Pro-Tec, Love Story and Wilton Royal. Each range has its own distinct features, available in an outstanding range of styles and colours.


The Stainfree range from Abingdon provides stain protection against all food and drink stains. In fact, they are so sure of this that they provide a free lifetime guarantee! The carpets are manufactured to prevent spills from entering the pile fibre of the carpet, allowing for quick and easy cleaning.

Aqua Pro-Tec

Similar to the Stainfree range, Aqua Pro-Tec is resistant to stains. This phenomenal carpet range has a protective barrier which ensure that any spills sit on top of the carpet, rather than penetrating the carpet, making the flooring easy to clean.

Wilton Royal

The Wilton Royal range from Abingdon provides luxury and quality to your home, created using luxurious, high quality wool.

The Love Story Collection

For a carpet you will fall in love with, this is the perfect range for you! The Love Story Collection is incredibly soft and sumptuous as well as bleach cleanable – perfect for any area of the home.

Abingdon Carpets from Joe Walker’s Flooring

If you are looking for stunning carpets at an affordable price, look no further than Abingdon carpets at Joe Walker’s Flooring. Get in touch today to find out more or check out our Abingdon range here.


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