How to Find the Best Carpet for You

Are you looking for the best carpet advice? For the best buying carpet advice look no further than Joe Walker’s Flooring. Whether you are looking to re-carpet the master bedroom, kids room, or even your whole home, you can be sure that Joe Walker’s Flooring can help you with the best range of carpets Glasgow has on offer.

Essential Carpet Buying Advice

When it comes to buying a new carpet, it is important to remember that your carpet needs will vary from room to room. With this in mind, it is important to consider footfall, pets, children and the use of the room. On top of these vital factors, it is also worth considering matching your carpet to the colour scheme of the room. When possible, you should try and have samples of wallpaper and furniture materials from the room, so that you can quickly match the colour scheme.

After considering the above essentials, it is also important to think about how long you need the carpet to last. Some carpets are more durable than others, while others are stain and dirt resistant. You need to decide what you want to prioritise when it comes to choosing your carpet – longevity? Colour? Price? Whatever your priority is, it is important to know exactly what you want to get from your carpet. Looking for a carpet with a luxurious feel? Check out our last post for our top tips on what to look for!

Grey stair carpet

Find the perfect carpet for you with Joe Walker’s Flooring.

What is Carpet Pile

“Pile” is the name given to the fibres in a carpet. The pile is woven in and out of the backing of the carpet to create a series of loops. These loops are then cut to create the likes of a twist pile carpet or left as they are as a loop pile carpet. Carpets with a deep pile are very thick and luxurious while short pile carpets tend to be more hardwearing and better suited to high traffic areas of your home.

Which Design is Best for Which Room?

When it comes to finding the best design of carpet, there are a wide range of styles to choose from. Saxony carpets have a deep pile making them thicker and more luxurious than other carpets. This luxurious style makes Saxony carpets ideal for bedrooms and lounges, however, they can be used throughout the home.

Twist carpets are the most common carpets and have a more tufted appearance. These carpets tend to be very hardwearing with tightly twisted fibres which are cut to create a carpet which bounces back in high traffic areas of the home.

For a more textured feeling carpet, Berber carpets are perfect for you. The looped carpets have a lightly flecked colouring making them excellent for hiding marks – perfectly suited for the likes of children’s bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms. However, Berber carpets are not suitable for homes with pets as their claws can snag on the loops, unravelling the pile.

Loop carpets are made up of small loops which are incredibly durable and don’t flatten. The loops give the carpet a great feel, texture and appearance, however, they are also not suitable for pets due to the risk of their claws snagging the pile. Loop pile carpets are perfect for any room in the home.

Buying Carpet Advice from Joe Walker’s Flooring

For the best buying carpet advice and an outstanding range of carpets look no further than Joe Walker’s Flooring. Get in touch today to find out more.


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