31st May 2018

How to Choose a Pet Friendly Carpet

best carpet for pets

Unsure of what carpet is pet-friendly? Follow the advice from Joe Walker’s Flooring and you will be confident of the best carpet for pets.

We know that there is a common misconception that carpets and furry pets don’t mix well! However, there are choices you can opt for to ensure your carpet doesn’t require hours of vacuuming a day. After working in the carpet industry for years Joe Walker’s Flooring has helped numerous customers find and feel happy with their flooring choices. A carpets Glasgow based business who you can rely on to help you make the right interiors decisions.

How to Choose the Best Carpet for Pets

Avoid Loop Pile Carpet

best carpet for pets

Avoid Berber carpet, claws will be caught!

This type of carpet is a no go for dog and cat owners in particular because their claws can so easily get caught and stuck in the loops. This could result in damage to the carpet or even damage to their claws! Berber carpet is an example of what to avoid when seeking new pet-friendly flooring. Instead, choose a cut pile carpet, something instantly more luxurious and also, softer for pets to lie and walk on.

Choose a Pattern or Colour

Another tip when considering what the best carpet for pets is to choose one with a darker colour or bolder pattern. A plain white carpet will show up everything, even if regular time is spent cleaning it! Consider a darker colour which is more likely to hide any small pieces of fur or dirt. Or use this instance as an excuse to choose a carpet with a bold pattern, something you wouldn’t normally go for.

Care and Maintenance

Lastly, no matter what carpet you choose, you should make the time to clean it thoroughly. Doing a little bit of upkeep regularly will make all the difference. Not only will the carpet and your home look and feel fresher with consistent cleaning, the risk of pet-odour will be avoided!

At Joe Walker’s Flooring, we like to keep our customers updated on the latest news and information in flooring! Look at our last post to find out more about how the carpet installation would go if we provided a service to your home.

Find your pet-friendly carpet at Joe Walker’s Flooring.

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