7th March 2017

Office Flooring In Glasgow

Joe Walker's Flooring show room.

Office flooring is something that needs a lot of consideration to ensure that you find the perfect flooring to suit your business. From colour to style, there is plenty to consider. Thankfully, with these easy tips from Joe Walker’s Flooring, you will find the perfect flooring to suit your office and business.

The Importance of Selecting the Right Flooring

If you are looking to change up your office flooring, it is crucial that you consider what it is that you want your office to reflect. This means that you may consider installing a carpet which matches the colour scheme of your business, or you may be looking for more luxurious flooring to reflect the professionalism of your business. Making the right decision when it comes to flooring can make a huge difference to your business, and it can truly lift the mood and appearance of an office. For more tips on selecting the right floor for you, check out our last post.

What is Your Budget?

When it comes to finding the right office flooring for you, identifying and setting a budget is vital. You may be looking to make a statement with your flooring, or you may be going for a more practical, hard wearing flooring option, whatever you are going for, it is important that you are realistic in what you can get for your budget. However, with this in mind, cheaper flooring is certainly not always the best option. When it comes to setting your budget you need to bear in mind that your office flooring needs to last. This means that you need to consider the most cost effective solution for the long run, as cheaper carpets may need replaced more regularly.

Dark wooden Office flooring from Joe Walker's Flooring

Find the perfect office flooring for your business with Joe Walker’s Flooring.

Will There Be High Foot Traffic?

Once you have set your budget, you need to consider the foot traffic that the flooring will have to endure. In areas where there is high footfall, such as a reception area, you need sturdy and durable flooring which can endure a lot of wear and tear. However, in more private areas such as a smaller, less used office, you may opt for a cheaper carpet as it will not have to endure such high levels of foot fall.

What Area of Flooring Do You Require?

The size of office you are re-flooring can have a huge impact on how you choose your office flooring. If you are installing new flooring in a large office, it may be more practical to consider carpet tiles as this may be the most efficient and effective option for the space. Carpet tiles offer both durability and flexibility, making them ideal for large offices which have a more complex layout.

Office Flooring from Joe Walker’s Flooring

Is your office flooring looking dull and tired? Are you looking to update and refresh your office space? Then Joe Walker’s Flooring can help you. Whether you are looking for simple carpet tiles or more luxurious flooring to improve your office space, Joe Walker’s Flooring can help you. Get in touch to find out what we can do for you and your business.

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