A Guide to Keeping Your Real Wood Flooring Clean this Christmas

Concerned about your real wood floor over the Christmas period? Don’t stress, it’s not worth investing in unnecessary flooring cleaning supplies when you can simply follow advice from Joe Walker’s Flooring!

Real wood flooring is one of the easiest types of flooring to look after. However, after entertaining, decorating and enjoying the upcoming festivities, your floor may no longer be as shiny as it once was. But, don’t panic! The carpets Glasgow based team will guide you through the process of revitalising your quality wooden flooring.

Protect Your Floor this Christmas with Help from Joe Walker

Make sure your real wood floor is in the best condition possible this Christmas.

No Excessive Flooring Cleaning Supplies

It is worth mentioning straight away that you don’t need to invest in lots of flooring cleaning supplies! No matter what goes on in your home during Christmas and New Year, you won’t need lots of harmful, chemical remedies. Instead, you’ll need a microfibre cloth mop and an eco-friendly concentrated cleaning product.

Don’t Use a Soaking Mop

As we have mentioned many times in confronting the issues of caring for real wood floors, it is essential that, no matter how dirty the surface is, you don’t drench your mop in water! This excessive moisture will definitely damage it, and may lead for the floor to warp or even potentially crack. Instead, fully wring the microfibre mop and a small amount of product.

Has the wood been scratched?

It is likely that your floor may be scratched after the festivities are over! Though scratches are not ideal in real wood flooring, they can be treated with specialist repair kits. This applies a wax coating to the mark, filling in the scratch and allowing for it to blend in with the surrounding grain. Of course, a scratch wouldn’t be much of a hassle should you have an engineered wooden flooring in replacement of real wood! Luxury Vinyl Tile is fitted as the name suggests in tiles, so if the surface was scratched or damaged in any way, it would be very easy to replace!

Prevention in the Future

Our final tip for ensuring the protection of your wooden flooring over the festive period is to prepare for the future! It is more than likely that you will have this flooring well into the future. Why not take precautions for Christmas 2019? If you know you are entertaining guests, there are many options for more than just flooring care. As we mentioned in our last post and are wary of making too much noise for neighbours, there are options flooring underlay to combat sound! Though a rather drastic precaution, it may be worthwhile for your flooring to wear well in the future. If you are thinking of changing up your flooring in order for more ease of maintenance in the future, the Joe Walker’s Flooring team can help!

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