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We recently gave you some easy flooring ideas for your garden shed, and to expand on our outdoors series,  today, we will share some of our cheap ideas for patio floors. Patio flooring is as important as the flooring in your home, because with the right decoration and floor, you can easily turn your outdoor patio into a lively and stylish space to host family and guests.

1. Painted Patio Floor Tiles

Painted Patio Floor tiles are an easy way to bring some life to your patio. You could purchase painted tiles, or, for a cheaper solution,  you could paint the tiles yourself, after having decided on which geometrical shape and which colours would suit your garden best. Painted patio floor tiles will add a bit of light and joy to your garden, and it’s especially welcomed here, with the temperamental UK weather!

2.Floating Wood Deck

A floating wood deck flooring will give your patio a traditional yet modern look, because the floating deck adds a touch of modernity to the traditional flooring that is wood. Wood will give a cosy cottage feel to your exterior, and make it the perfect spot to lounge during the afternoon, or to have dinner or drinks with family and friends during the summer nights.

3. Artificial Grass Flooring

We talked about the benefits of artificial grass for your garden before, but artificial grass would also look stunning as a floor for your patio! It would make the patio a true part of the garden, without the visual separation that is present when using hard, dark flooring.

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