3 Steps to Get Candle Wax Off Carpet

Struggling to get candle wax off carpet? We all love the relaxing atmosphere a candle can create, but it can be incredibly frustrating if some of the candle wax ends up on your carpet. Fortunately, in just 3 simple steps, you can remove wax from your carpet in no time at all. With just a few household items, it couldn’t be easier to remove wax from your carpet.

What Do I Need to Get Candle Wax Off Carpet?

To remove the candle wax from your carpet, you only need a few household items, these are:

  • Butter knife
  • Vacuum
  • Towel
  • Iron
  • Stain Remover
  • Spoon

While this may seem like an unusual collection of items, they will have your carpet looking good as new in no time at all!

If your carpet has also been left with a burn mark, check out our top tips to get rid of the mark!

Step 1: Removing the Large Chunks

You will find that the wax will dry onto your carpet relatively quickly, forming lumps. To get candle wax off carpet, scrape away the wax with a butter knife, removing as much of the wax as possible. You can then pick up or vacuum away these larger chunks.

It is worth noting that you should take extra care with Berber and loop pile carpets as they can become frayed if you are not gentle.

how to find a matching carpet - grey carpet matching grey walls

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Step 2: Ironing the Carpet

That’s right! Step two involves ironing your carpet. First of all, you want to place a damp towel onto the area of carpet affected by the wax. With your iron on a high heat, press down on the towel for around 10 seconds. This should draw the wax out of the carpet and into the towel, however, this step may need to be repeated a few times to ensure that the wax is fully removed from the carpet.

We recommend using a white towel to avoid staining your carpet with any dye.

Step 3: Stain  Removal

With all the wax removed from your carpet, you may find that a stain has been left – particularly if the wax is coloured. To remove the stain, you should spray carpet cleaner on the stained area, scrubbing it into the carpet with a spoon. Dab the area dry with a towel (preferably white) and let the area fully air dry. Some stain removers and carpet cleaners may need to be vacuumed up, so always check the instructions on the packaging.

Struggling with bad smells in your carpet? Check out our last blog article for some of our carpet stain and odour removing top tips.

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