3 Tips to get Rust Out of Carpet

Struggling with rust on your carpet? Wondering how to get rust out of carpet? Whatever may have caused the rust in your carpet, you can be sure that we have the tips to help you get the rust out of your carpet. With these top tips from Joe Walker’s Flooring, you can remove the rust from your carpet with ease.

Source of the Rust

When you find a rust stain on your carpet, the first thing you need to do is to move the source of the rust. If the rust has come from a piece of furniture, place the item of furniture onto some card, newspaper or a darker coloured rug. This will prevent any further damage to your carpet once the existing stain has been removed.

Get Rust Out of Carpet

To get rust out of carpet, there are a number of stain removal options available in the supermarkets, but if you are looking for a quick home remedy, we recommend the following steps. First, scrape away as much rust as possible using a butter knife, taking care not to damage the carpet. Next, generously apply salt and lemon juice to the affected area and leave it to sit for a few minutes. Then, pour hot (not boiling) water directly onto the area and you should see the stain starting to disappear.

get rust out of carpet

Replacing Your Carpet

In some cases, rust may have affected a significant portion of the carpet, particularly if large items of metal furniture have been in the same place for a number of years. This may make it challenging to restore the carpet to its original appearance, in which case, we recommend updating your carpet. With the best selection of carpets Glasgow has on offer, you can be sure that Joe Walker’s Flooring has the perfect carpet for your home. Offering a wide range of stain resistant solutions, ensuring that your carpet looks good as new for years to come.

Struggling with other types of stains? Check out our tips for burn marks, gum, and nail polish stain removal.

Joe Walker’s Flooring

Struggling with rust stains in your home? Unable to remove them? Joe Walker’s Flooring can transform your home with a new carpet, talk to us today about updating your flooring.


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