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Finding the perfect hallway carpet for your home is essential. As one of the first things you see when you enter your house, you want your hallway carpet to make the right impression. You can be sure that with the help of Joe Walker’s Flooring, you can find the perfect hallway carpet for you.

High Footfall

Similar to stair carpet, your hallway carpet will see high levels of footfall. This means that you need a carpet which can endure high levels of footfall as well as a lot of wear and tear. With this in mind, you should ideally be looking for a twist, loop pile or berber carpet for your hallway. At Joe Walker’s Flooring, we have an excellent range of carpets which are ideal for your hallway. A great, sturdy option for your hallway carpet is our Abingdon Wilton Grampian Berber, in an excellent range of neutral colours, it is ideal for any hallway.

Colour and Pattern

As your hallway carpet is the first thing seen when you enter your home, it is important that you choose the best colour and pattern for you home. When it comes to finding the right carpet for your hallway, there are plenty of excellent options to make a statement. Tartan carpets can be an excellent option for hallways as they make a bold, luxurious statement. Clan Caledonia is an excellent tartan carpet, available in an excellent range of colours and styles to suit any home.

Similar to tartan carpet, a beautiful striped carpet is an excellent way to make a tasteful statement in your home, Abingdon Wilton Royal Malvern Twist is an outstanding, sturdy and beautifully striped carpet which can enhance any hallway.

grey Hallway carpet

Find your perfect hallway carpet with Joe Walker’s Flooring.

However, you may be looking for a more understated hallway carpet, fortunately we have an exceptional range of un-patterned carpets for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for a neutral beige carpet such as Lifestyle Floors Cottage Berber or a brightly coloured carpet such as the Cormar Town and Country, you can be sure that Joe Walker’s Flooring has the hallway carpet for you.

Berber Carpets

If you are looking for an easy to clean and maintain carpet, then Berber carpets are ideal. With very low, densely woven fibres, Berber carpets are excellent at repelling dirt and debris making them ideal for high traffic areas such as hallways.

Loop Pile Carpets

Another great, long lasting carpet is the loop pile. Loop pile carpets are both luxurious and durable, making them ideal for family life, and with a range of styles available, you can be sure that there is a loop pile carpet to suit your hallway.

Twist Carpets

The twist of these carpets is incredibly tight, making them incredibly sturdy and well suited for hallways. As well as being incredibly durable, twist carpets are available in an exceptional range of styles and colours, so there is certainly a twist carpet to suit your home.

Hallway Carpet from Joe Walker’s Flooring

Are you looking for your dream hallway carpet? Then look no further than Joe Walker’s Flooring. With an exceptional range of colours, patterns and styles to choose from, you can be sure that we have the perfect, durable carpet for your hallway. Get in touch to find out more.


5* From start to finish the service that we received from Joe and his staff was outstanding! They came and measured when they said they would, were on time and same again with the fitting. The showroom had loads to chose from and joe advised us what was best for our house which was very helpful. Can't recommend highly enough and wouldn't go anywhere else. Thank you

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