How to Install Flooring Yourself

We are experts when it comes to flooring installation, with projects spanning residential kitchens and bathrooms to hotel carpets to entire homes.  While we’d be delighted to install your dream flooring for you, we understand that the installation may be something you want to tackle yourself.   

We discussed choosing the style of your flooring in our last post which was all about bathrooms, but what about how to install flooring yourself?

We know that during lockdown, everyone has been reaching for the spare tins of paint in the garage, framing and hanging pictures that have been sitting in the bedroom for months or finally filling those cracks in the wall.  Google search trends show us that DIY searches are up worldwide. So, if you’ve caught the DIY bug and want to know how to install flooring yourself, there are some types of flooring that are easier than others and some tips you should keep in mind.

Our Top Tips for Installation:

  1. Make sure that you are laying your flooring on a smooth level surface to avoid bumps or dips, if it is not smooth, it will need work before you lay your flooring.
  2. When using underlayment, we suggest laying this perpendicular to your planks to avoid bubbling. 
  3. Line up, or measure, your flooring to ensure you’re not going to end up with a really thin section at one end.  If this is going to be the case, you can start and end with a slightly smaller row, rather than starting with a full-size row and ending on a really slim one that will be hard to install and look unprofessional. 
  4. Ending flooring at a doorway can be difficult, so if possible, start at a doorway rather than finishing there.

If you are unsure about any of these tips, or any other elements of your installation we would strongly suggest getting professional help.  Flooring installation can be difficult and is not for a complete beginner at DIY!

Suggested Products:

Here are a few examples from our range that use click installation and are easier to install than others.

If this all sounds like to much hard work, or if you’d like some more advice about the different types of flooring, please contact our friendly team who would be happy to help you!


Joe Walker and all the staff in the shop are super helpful. Great prices for my 2 x vinyl and 1 x carpet. Fitted in no time and looks great on the floor. I'll be back again real soon. Maybe next time I'll be the winner of that super Dyson giveaway. Keep up the great work guys - no wonder you are doing so well in the shop.

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