The Best Indoor-Outdoor Flooring Ideas

There are countless benefits to indoor-outdoor integrated living, but executing this in home design can be a challenging task. While it can be as simple as adding a big door to your garden, creating a truly indoor-outdoor space requires the creation of flow between the spaces. An excellent way of creating this flow is to connect flooring from your home into your outdoor space, at Joe Walker’s Flooring we have countless indoor outdoor flooring ideas.

Blurred Boundaries

A great, and unique way, to integrate your indoor and outdoor flooring is to change the flooring in your kitchen a metre or so from the door. Picture gorgeous real wood flooring leading beautifully into textured tiles, bringing some of the outdoors in, seamlessly blurring the boundary between inside and out. Have a look at our last article for some more inexpensive outdoor flooring ideas.

indoor outdoor flooring ideas

Stay with the Grain

Another of our indoor outdoor flooring ideas creates a clean line for the eye to follow from inside to outside, bringing the feeling of the outdoors into your home. For this idea, we understand that the flooring you use inside your home can be quite different from that used outside, so we suggest using different materials. When selecting the flooring, we suggest using wooden style flooring of the same width. Inside, this may be laminate, vinyl or real wood flooring, you may even consider tile effect laminate. Outside, we suggest decking planks which can be lined up with the new flooring inside your home (remember to try and choose a width of planks to match the lines of your indoor flooring!). The finished product of this is truly stunning, and certainly worth considering if you are looking for a more seamless integration between your indoors and the great outdoors.  

Colour Schemes

A great alternative to using the same style of flooring inside and outside your home is to opt for one colour scheme. Whether you go for a gorgeous grey, an opulent oak colour or a bold, bright colour, opting for a colour scheme is the perfect way to integrate your indoor and outdoor spaces. The flooring types don’t have to be the same, but by keeping the colour scheme the same, you create harmony between the two spaces, so, why not mix and match colours, textures and styles? Think patio with hardwood flooring, or decking with neutral coloured tiles – the combinations are endless!

Indoor Outdoor Flooring Ideas from Joe Walker’s Flooring

Ready to seamlessly integrate your indoor and outdoor spaces? Look no further than Joe Walker’s Flooring, our team are always on hand to provide expert flooring advice and top indoor outdoor flooring ideas. Get in touch today to find out what our team can do for you.


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