Take Influence from These Innovative Flooring Ideas

Are you looking for innovative flooring ideas? Flooring plays an important role in creating a particular aesthetic for a room, as well as contributing it’s structure.

At Joe Walker’s Flooring we like to provide our clients with a large variety of flooring options. Want to experiment with styles and patterns? Across our range of carpets, vinyl, wood and laminate something to suit your needs. The carpets Glasgow based experts are here to help you achieve your flooring dreams.

Innovative Flooring Ideas from Joe Walker’s Flooring

innovative flooring

Concrete flooring is a very popular innovative flooring option!


Compared to the flooring of the 1980s (look our last post for more info), interior design now is much more simplistic, with a strong influence from Scandinavia. Because of this, concrete flooring has become very popular; it’s a long lasting, easy to clean and affordable option, which was originally used in warehouses and industry. However now, concrete flooring fits in well with the minimalist, contemporary interior decor trend so it can now be found in lots of homes. Looking to create a dramatic and different look in your home, speak to our team for expert help and advice!

Ceramic Tiles

No matter what room you are looking to install new flooring in, ceramic tiles are a very innovative flooring idea. Looking for a boho or Moroccan aesthetic? Mosaic tiles will give your home an interesting edge. Though it may take more time to create an effective mosaic pattern, it is definitely worthwhile! Also, depending on your personal preferences, tiled flooring can adopt any style. Not sure if you are ready for the cost and commitment of a tile floor? Why not try out some Luxury Vinyl Flooring to create a similar high-quality look without the hassle.

Wool Carpet

As well as being incredibly eco-friendly, we would consider woolen carpet an innovative flooring option! It can be died any desired colour, is very durable and so, can last forever. At Joe Walker’s Flooring, we are always striving to ensure customers opt for sustainable flooring choices. So, wool carpet is perfect if you’re conscious of the environment but still want that luxurious feeling underfoot!

Choose your contemporary flooring with help from the Joe Walker’s Flooring team.


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