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Japanese designs are lauded for their astounding elegance and balance.  Scandinavian designs focus on premier modern contemporary patterns which are neat, crisp and comfortable. The combination of Japanese and Scandinavian designs is simply magical. It’s the origin of Japandi interior design. Japandi design is the perfect amalgamation of simplicity and beautiful craftsmanship. Japandi designs focus on minimalism which is aesthetically attractive yet functional. Their focus on dimensions and clean lines bring a sense of calmness and tranquillity into a room.

Japandi interior design is surely going to be a rising trend in the coming years. Here are a few of its unique features:

1. Minimalist designs:

Japandi is a minimalist and modern interior design that embraces cosiness, comfort and ease. ‘Less is more’ is the heart of minimalism. It allows people to create a peaceful environment that can help you to unwind and forget all of your anxious thoughts. From furniture to layouts, simplicity is the centre point. A large number of décor pieces and gaudy designs are big no. Prioritizing quality over quantity makes the home uncluttered and creates a visual balance. Instead of placing antiques at every corner or every table, select two or more and decorate them with classic decorative items. This maximizes space and is pleasing to the eyes of everyone who enters your home.

2. Clean lines:

When it comes to Japandi style, uninterrupted lines become the rule of thumb. The neat and organized flow brings elements of sleek functional designs. It removes any distractions and brings up soft visual appeal. The seamless flooring and walls aim to depart dramatic ideas and soothe the mind with serene thoughts. The clean lines keep the room feeling spacious and elegant. The clean-cut lines on furniture and décor eliminate unnecessary structures encouraging an airy atmosphere.

3. Neutral colours:

Neutral colours like – beige, grey, off-white, cream and mauve add depth in comparison to stronger colours. This makes an area look bigger and less cramped. The neutral colours also articulate the feeling of sophistication and make the space feel more inviting. Muted tones are a  subtle choice that demonstrates attention to detail. The beauty of neutral colours never fades away with time. They are timeless and liven up space for years without becoming out of fashion or style 

4. Geometric Patterns:

Similar to adding a splash of colour to a room, Japandi interior design uses the addition of geometric patterns in the shapes of triangles, squares, hexagons, squares, rectangles etc. The Geometric patterns are able to draw attention with the contrast from the neutral decor to the bright and bold elements. The geometric carpet, wallpapers, chairs and showpieces instantly elevate the ambience of surroundings. 

5. Nature touch:

Whether it’s a residential setting or a commercial setting, Japandi styles with a natural touch are perfect to help instil a relaxing and calming atmosphere. . The influence of plants and flowers helped to bring a touch of nature inside. l. Japandi styles include nature-inspired décor like – wooden furniture, woollen blankets, jute décor pieces, mud pots, tree barks and shell pieces. The natural elements help to create a stress-free environment that is perfect for relaxing and unwinding after stressful days.

Japandi interior design is the perfect combination of Japanese rustic minimalism and Scandinavian functionality for creating a feeling of art, nature and simplicity. For people who like privacy, silence and expansion, then Japandi designs are the right pick. The natural accents with statement houseplants and geometric decors make a room look sophisticated.
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