Ultimate Karndean Flooring Guide

Unsure whether Karndean is the right flooring choice for you? At Joe Walker’s Flooring we love the best brands in luxury vinyl flooring and we believe that Karndean is one of them! Follow this Karndean floor care guide to find out if your home would be suited to this variety of vinyl.

At Joe Walker’s Flooring we like to make sure that our customers are kept well up to date with the latest in flooring, whether this be from care guidance to installation. Want to learn more about luxury vinyl tile flooring? Take a look at our last post. Not only is it a passion of ours to advise on the best type of flooring for a home, we also cater to commercial property! Our carpets Glasgow based team will be more than happy to provide answers to your every flooring question.

Ultimate Karndean Floor Care Guide from Joe Walker’s Flooring

What is Karndean Flooring?

Karndean is a high quality brand of luxury vinyl tile flooring. It is installed tile by tile (or plank by plank), rather than in sheets. This type vinyl differs from others because it is designed specifically for authenticity. Tiles of Karndean vinyl don’t look manufactured, they really do have the elements of the natural materials they are mimicking.

Like any other vinyl, Karndean is structured with 5 layers.

  • 2 backing layers which are made from PVC
  • 1 HD photographic layer
  • 1 clear wear layer which is embossed
  • The protective coating top layer

At Joe Walker’s Flooring we offer these varieties of Karndean flooring:

Why Should You Choose Karndean Flooring?

karndean floor care guide

This type of vinyl is perfect for everything, pet and paw friendly!

There are many reasons we believe that Karndean is a flooring option worth considering.

Perfect for a Personal Touch

Because there is so much variety in Karndean flooring designs, you will find it easy to find Karndean flooring suitable to your personal style and taste. With the flooring options on offer, you will be able to customise your room with different strips and borders. This allows for a completely unique environment, the perfect way to add something special to a room!

Realistic Effects

Another benefit in opting for Karndean flooring is that, though it isn’t real wood flooring, it definitely looks like it is! The wooden, ceramic, stone etc. effects that the Karndean flooring options mimic are so realistic. Installing Karndean is just like installing the actual natural material, without the hassle. This type of flooring will give you the grain, texture and feel of a flooring made of a natural material but be much more practical and easy to care for.

Style isn’t Compromised for Practicality

Karndean flooring is the ideal choice of flooring if you are looking for a stylish floor but also something which is practical, long lasting and can cope with lots of wear. It is very family friendly, designed to withstand spillages and is resistant to cracking. We would completely recommend this type of flooring if you have a busy lifestyle, where accidents are likely!

Dog Friendly

Also, Karndean is very pet friendly! If your dog is always treading mud through the house, you will be able to clean it very easily. The texture of Karndean makes it very easy to grip onto for your pet’s paws – they won’t be sliding around! And, the soft feel of the Kardean will also help to reduce the sound of your pets claws and paws tapping.

Karndean Floor Care Guide

When it comes to caring for your Kardean floor it’s very simple! All that is required to make sure you clean your floor well is a sweep or mop. You don’t need to apply treatments like you would do for a flooring made of a natural material.

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