Keeping a clean carpet

Here are Joe Walker’s Flooring, we’re often asked about keeping your carpet clean and how you should care for it. Well, we’ve created this list to give a little bit of guidance to our customers!

  1. Keep the vacuum handy – vacuuming on a regular basis removes the hidden dirt as well as the visible bits!
  2. Be reactive to spills – paper towels at the ready! Blot – DON’T RUB! Rubbing can work it into the fibres.
  3. Gum in the carpet?! Free it with a ice cube until it is solid and it should go hard! You’ll have to cut the small strands around it once you have done this. We recommend calling the shop before you do this and we can advise!
  4. Wax spillage can be a NIGHTMARE – unless you know this trick, of course! Take a butter knife and slide it under the wax. Remove as much as you can this way. For any wee bits which remain, put a couple of paper towers on top and use an iron (on low heat). The wax should come off! Call our shop before you do this for a little bit of advice!
  5. Use the right stain remover if you get a stain! Ask your supermarket for some help picking the right one!
  6. If you hire a carpet cleaning machine don’t over-wet your carpets! Only use the amount prescribed by the machine’s manual. If you use too much and it doesn’t dry, mould could grow!
  7. Use door mats to protect your hallway carpets. Shoes can bring in a lot of dirt!
  8. Having part-ay? Then use carpet protectors! This can help protect your carpets form heavy foot-fall.


Have used joe walkers flooring several times times now and each time they deliver , from the friendly faces in the shop to the carpet fitters them selfs . They were on time and more importantly on price which is the main thing , can't recommend these guys highly enough

Stephen Mullen



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