Making the most of small spaces

Making the most of small spaces

With more of us spending increased amounts of time in our home, and having to make do with makeshift desk spaces, many will be looking at ways of  making the most of small spaces. When using rooms in our house for multiple functions, it can be difficult to  maintain the style we like. Many living rooms are now doubling as gyms and yoga studios, while spare bedrooms have turned to home offices. If this sounds like you and your home, then read on to see our tips for making the most of small spaces. 

1. Declutter

In the words of Marie Kondo, ‘if it doesn’t spark joy’ then you should throw it away. We are kidding of course, but decluttering can give you extra space and make a room feel bigger and more inviting. Have a think about what items you use on a regular basis and start to scale down some of your used items. 

Leaving some open areas and less clutter on shelves will give the illusion of more space and leave you more room to put items that serve a purpose or have a key use in the room. Keeping your rooms tidy will make them feel open and inviting. 

2. Multi-functional furniture & Space saving tricks

Have a look for storage and furniture that you can use in more than one way.  This allows you to still have items and decor you love, but save space in other areas.

Having furniture or decor  that doubles up as storage is a great way to make the most of a small space.  Using hanging, or wall mounted mirrors saves space on your floor.  Seating or beds with storage underneath is handy for things like towels and bedsheets.  For converted home offices in spare bedrooms, having a sofa that folds down to allow you to have a comfortable and stylish work space that doubles as a guest room when needed. 

3. Simple Flooring

Keeping your flooring simple will allow you to be creative and bold in other ways without making the room feel cramped or enclosed. Having a neutral colour flooring or a light natural wood effect will create the perfect base for your room, keeping it feeling open and inviting. Using lighter colours with a warm tone will add to the natural light of the room and give the illusion of more space. You can then add colour and style with functional items such as pillows and throws or a nice rug, or use wall hanging items like mirrors and art without giving up any space or creating clutter! 

We have a wide selection of neutral flooring that would work perfectly with any home to help you make the most of your space. Having a look at our carpet selection or some of our luxury vinyl flooring for ideas. 

4. Plenty of light and plants  

Light is a key element in any space, and can help the room to feel open and create the illusion of more space. 

The addition of plants will help breathe some life into your room and bring the outdoors in . Some varieties even purify your air! You can also get hanging plants or taller plants to add dimension and height to your room without compromising much usable space. Tall plants keep peoples eyeline up, which will make the room seem larger. 

Having a wooden floor or wooden effect floor in a room with lots of natural light and plants will not only look great but bring in all these elements from outside in and give the appearance of more space. 

If you are looking for ways of making the most of small spaces in a budget you can shop our affordable flooring options. The right flooring can add some much space and the illusion of light into a room without taking up any space. Message us today to find out more. 


We bought carpets and LVT from joe walkers flooring for our new house and I couldn't be happier with the service and end result. The team in the showroom are very knowledgable and allow you time to look around without pouncing on you and trying to sell to you like you would get in larger companies. Danny came out and measured the house and once we had chosen the flooring, joe sent me the quote promptly. The day of the fitting, joes fitters arrived on time and worked quickly and efficiently and left no mess behind. I would not hesitate in recommending friends and family go to joe walkers flooring.

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