Is Berber Carpet Still in Style?

is berber carpet still in style

Is berber carpet still in style? Yes! When it comes to carpet, berber style is timeless. Whether you are decorating your lounge, hall or bedroom, a berber carpet is the perfect addition to any room. But “is berber carpet in style?” is a great question, which is why we have put together a list of […]

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Why Should You Choose a Red Carpet?

why a red carpet

With awards season well and truly underway, red carpet cannot be avoided, but why a red carpet? From celebrities walking the red carpet to red carpet in your home, red carpets have countless benefits. With the best range of carpets Glasgow has on offer, at Joe Walker’s Flooring, we can help find the perfect red […]

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How to Get Really Tough Stains Out of Carpet

how to get really tough stains out of carpet

Wondering how to get really tough stains out of carpet? Whether you have spilt some red wine, or dropped a plate of bolognese, removing stains can be an incredibly frustrating. Fortunately, with these simple steps, removing tough stains from your carpet couldn’t be easier. What Do I Need to Remove a Tough Stain? While there […]

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3 Steps to Get Candle Wax Off Carpet

get candle wax off carpet

Struggling to get candle wax off carpet? We all love the relaxing atmosphere a candle can create, but it can be incredibly frustrating if some of the candle wax ends up on your carpet. Fortunately, in just 3 simple steps, you can remove wax from your carpet in no time at all. With just a few […]

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Choosing the Carpet Type for Your Home

choosing carpet type - grey stairs carpet

Choosing the carpet type for your home? Choosing a carpet type can be challenging, with a number of things which must be considered. Fortunately, Joe Walker’s Flooring have the tips to help you in choosing the carpet type best suited for your home. Woven Vs Tufted When it comes to choosing the carpet type for […]

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How to Remove Stains and Bad Odours from Carpet

can I sprinkle baking soda on carpet

Can I sprinkle baking soda on carpet? How do I remove stains and odours from my carpet? Joe Walker’s Flooring has the top tips for stain and smell removal for your carpet. Whether you have spilled some wine, the kids have went wild with pens, or you have rust in your carpet, Joe Walker’s Flooring […]

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3 Tips to get Rust Out of Carpet

grey carpet free from rust stains

Struggling with rust on your carpet? Wondering how to get rust out of carpet? Whatever may have caused the rust in your carpet, you can be sure that we have the tips to help you get the rust out of your carpet. With these top tips from Joe Walker’s Flooring, you can remove the rust […]

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How to Get Rid of Burn Marks in Carpet

how to get rid of burn marks in carpet

Wondering how to get rid of burn marks in carpet? Whether you accidentally left your straighteners on the floor, or dropped a match or cigarette, we have the tips to get burn marks out your carpet. Whatever may have caused a burn on your carpet, you can be sure that Joe Walker’s Flooring has the […]

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How to Find a Matching Carpet for Your Home

Struggling to find the right carpet for your home? Wondering how to find a matching carpet for your home? Whether you are trying to match your carpet to a certain wallpaper, or another carpet in your home, Joe Walker’s Flooring can help you find the perfect, matching carpet for your home. With the best range […]

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Preparing Your Home For Carpet Installation

carpet companies UK

Getting new flooring installed can be daunting, especially if it is your first home or if you haven’t used the flooring company before. Here at Joe Walker’s Flooring, we want to help with preparing your home for carpet installation. We pride ourselves on our customer service, just look at what some of our previous customers […]

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