Looking for office flooring? At Joe Walker’s Flooring we offer a variety of different flooring and carpets for commercial and domestic properties. Choose from our selection of laminate, vinyl, real wood and carpet; ideal for any office and any size of room! We only offer flooring of the highest standard, from the most quality brands.

The experts from Joe Walker’s Flooring will ensure that no matter the circumstances, your new office flooring will be installed carefully and smoothly; with the highest respect for your workplace. Whether you choose laminate or real wood, we will help you find the most practical and appropriate flooring for your commercial space.

“The guys were very helpful and friendly. The finishing result is fantastic. They have done a great job…“

– Clare Moore Wilson, Facebook Review

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From our Clydebank showroom, you can browse our full range of flooring options. We have a whole showroom filled with practical and long lasting flooring. We know what makes the best office flooring and our team will be there to offer any advice necessary. 

We offer a flexible and free measure service; which you can make use of at whatever stage. Because we offer flooring for domestic and commercial properties, we understand that choosing new flooring can be a lengthy process. However, we are always here for if you are unsure of the best floor to go for! 

What suits your

When choosing the most appropriate office flooring, consider; what is the most practical option? What flooring will last the longest but also look good for that time? With what kind of carpet or flooring will it be easiest to remove stains and scratches?

Also, make sure you consider ease of cleaning and maintenance. This applies especially if you have a busy office with a lot of employees. Ensure that the floor you choose doesn’t take too long to clean and doesn’t require speciality products.






Another must, if you are choosing flooring for a commercial space – consider health and safety! Make sure that the flooring you go for is made from a safe, hazard-free material. And ensure that after a lot of foot traffic, your chosen flooring continues to be safe. 

Finally, consider what would look right in your office. Is the space old or new? Gather together a team and make a decision as to what your office needs or is lacking. New flooring has the ability to completely reinvent a workplace!