Our Favourite Staircase Flooring Ideas

Your staircase might not seem like the most important place to take into consideration when choosing the flooring for your home – after all, it’s not like anyone will be spending any great amount of time on it! However, your staircase can be made into a standout feature if you choose the right flooring option. Linking one floor to another is an important job, and luckily, we have some great ideas for staircase flooring that will make your stairs your new favourite feature!

Ideas for staircase flooring:

1. Add Staircase Runners

Staircase runners are a great option for wooden staircases.  They can really show off the elegance of wooden finished staircases while also having the benefits of a carpet stairway.  Runners are practical for kids to clamber over and can give the look you want without full carpeting.  They also provide a layer of protection to your wooden staircase – meaning that gorgeous original wooden finish won’t be getting damaged!

2. Inject a Bold Pattern

A staircase is a great place to think about injecting a splash of colour, or fun pattern into your home. Completely covering your hallway or living spaces in a bright Paisley pattern is probably considered an interior design nightmare – however, a fun pattern on your stairwell can really mix up the feel of your decor and get you loads of compliments! We recommend going for something in keeping with your overall decor, for example, choose the same colour as your hall, but add in some stripes or a funky pattern.

3. Go for a Soft Touch

This is a great idea if you have wooden flooring and banisters throughout your home. Choose a really soft, neutral toned carpet for your stairs. This breaks up the wood and makes things feel more cosy. Whatever you end up going for, Joe Walker’s can help you get that stylish finish. Get in touch for advice, or a quote!


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