Real wood flooring is gorgeous in both a commercial or domestic setting. Not only are real wood floors easy to keep clean, they can really transform a whole room, giving it a warm, comforting and inviting feel. Find the most affordable and beautiful Real Wood Flooring Glasgow has to offer at Joe Walkers Flooring.

With over 19 luxury brands of flooring in stock, we are sure to have your perfect floor for you. At Joe Walker’s Flooring, we offer an excellent range of incredibly long lasting real wooden flooring Glasgow can choose from.


One of the best things about choosing wooden flooring is that it gets better as it ages. Aside from being very stylish, it’s so versatile. You can choose from different sizes of planks and grain patterns. 

After browsing the our range of real wood flooring options for your home or business, we will arrange the best time for the fitting.


There are many benefits to choosing real wood flooring. Not only is it a more unique option because no two grains will be the same, wood can suit any room of the house. 

We strongly recommend real wood flooring if you are searching for something durable, which will last for a long time. Also, wood’s all natural properties mean for easy maintenance and care.


The installation process of real wood flooring is relatively simple, so you can expect that your new flooring will be ready in no time at all. 

We have a team of expert real wood flooring Glasgow installers who will carry out the fitting. All that is required is for the initial measurements be taken, then to choose your real wood and then our team will come by ready to install it in whichever room.

Why not have one of the guys visit your property? We will take professional and accurate measurements, and offer expert advice on what flooring is best for you based on the space you have.


Real Wood Flooring

Laminate flooring is a perfect alternative if you are looking something less expensive but just as hard wearing as real wood flooring. Due to it's four layers, laminate flooring is scratch resistant, can easily be replaced should it need to be, and due to it's locking system it can be installed quickly.

There are three textures of laminate to choose from; hand-scraped, textured or smooth.
Luxury vinyl flooring can mimic any natural material. You can choose from wood, stone, marble etc. in a range of different colours, because of this it is the perfect addition to any room of your home or business. LVT is ideal for those homes with pets or younger family members because of it's scratch and scuff resistance and as well as being highly resistant to moisture.
Vinyl is another man-made alternative to real wood flooring. Like laminate it consists of layers which are made up of PVC and fibreglass. It differs from laminate in the way it feels cushioned under-foot whereas laminate is much harder. It can be installed in any room, however will work well in kitchens and bathrooms due to being extremely water resistant.
From our real wood flooring Glasgow based experts you can expect the highest standard of installation service as well as the best quality real wood flooring. Real wood flooring is an excellent option if you are looking for long wearing, hard wearing and easy to maintain flooring. All that is required to care from real wood is some regular sweeping and any additional stains to be cleaned by a micro-fibre cloth which has been well wrung out.