Real Wood Floor Maintenance – Our Hints and Tricks

Looking for solutions for your real wood flooring maintenance needs? The carpets Glasgow based team from Joe Walker’s Flooring will provide you with hints and tips when it comes to caring for real wood floor. Remove scratches on wood floor and keep in the best condition with the help our experts!

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Real Wood Floor Maintenance Tips from Joe Walker’s Flooring

Improve your standard of flooring care with help from Joe Walker’s Flooring.

Remove Scratches on Wood Floor

Don’t let scratches ruin your wood floor! Take the necessary steps to make sure that your flooring is treated correctly and so, lasts for a good amount of time.

Surface Scratches

Treat surface scratches with a soft cloth, water and a hardwood flooring cleaner. If the scratch is only on the surface of the wooden floor, you’ll need to repair the protective coating. Ensure that the scratched area is free of any dust and dirt before it is treated.

Minor Scratches

Minor scratches penetrate the surface of the wood under the protective coating. You’ll also need to use a soft cloth, water, hardwood floor cleaner and fine sandpaper to repair a minor scratch. Make sure you start by cleaning the floor with an appropriate and high quality cleaner. Once clean, use steel wool or sandpaper to rub over the area, make sure you are rubbing in the direction of the wood grain, not across it. To blend the scratched area, buff as much as possible and apply wax.

Deep Scratches

Do you have deeper grooves in your wood flooring? Removing deep scratches in your floor requires more attention and work. It may need to be stripped and repaired! The Joe Walker’s Flooring team can guide you through the whole process. You’ll need mineral spirits, a scourer and polyurethane.

Other Hints and Tips

  • If there are a lot of scratches in your floors, it may be necessary to strip your floors completely and find new real wood flooring or a completely new replacement. The Joe Walker’s Flooring showroom in Clydebank has a range of quality, branded flooring options to browse.
  • You can also use wood fillers, which are available in a variety of colours, to treat more minor scratches.

Trust Joe Walker’s Flooring when it comes to all aspects of flooring installation and care.


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