How to Dispose of Old Flooring

What is the best way to dispose of old flooring? Joe Walker’s Flooring are experts when it comes to all aspects of flooring – including installation and removal. Whether you’re struggling with removing old tile floor or disposing of some leftover carpet scraps, our carpets Glasgow based team will help you throughout the process!

As we mentioned in our last post, the Joe Walker’s team are always looking for ways to inform customers – commercial and domestic – of the best methods in flooring maintenance. And so, keep reading for our top tips for disposing of and removing flooring!

Disposing and Removing Old Tile Floor – Tips from Joe Walker’s Flooring

removing old tile floor

No matter the flooring we can help you find a way to dispose of it!

Fittings and Removals

When it comes to Joe Walker’s fitting service, we will remove any scraps and out cuts from your newly installed flooring. We always aim to carry out our flooring installations in the tidiest way possible! And, don’t worry, we won’t leave large amounts of rubbish in your bins. At every opportunity, we will recycle the materials and anything that cannot be recycled we will dispose of appropriately at our own premises.

Laminate Flooring

In the case of laminate flooring, thanks to improved technological processes, it has become much easier than it used to be for it to be recycled. It is now the case that up 85% of the fibres and wood chips that make up laminate flooring can now be put back into the laminate production process. It can be a struggle to recycle laminate flooring at your local council centres, so it may be worth checking with the laminate manufacturer directly as to what recycling procedure they recommend.

DIY and Up-cycling

The final way we recommend for disposing of your flooring is up-cycling. This is ideal if you’re feeling creative! Plus, it’s something you can get your whole family involved with. Create a DIY project and include the materials you are unsure of what to do with! You might even end up with something completely different.

Rely on Joe Walker’s Flooring to take care of every aspect of your flooring needs.


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