Soft Carpet

Are you looking for an incredibly soft and luxurious carpet? Then look no further than Joe Walker’s Flooring. At Joe Walker’s Flooring, we have an impressive range of soft carpet in a wide range of colours and styles for you to choose from. With the best range of carpets Glasgow has on offer, you can be sure that Joe Walker’s Flooring can help find the perfect, soft carpet for your home.

What Makes a Soft Carpet?

As you probably know, carpets come in a vast range of textures, some softer than others. The fibres which are used to create your carpet have a huge influence on the softness of your carpet, and finer fibres tend to give a softer, more luxurious feel underfoot. When you are looking to identify the finer fibres, you should look for carpets with a lower denier, as these carpets are created using finer fibres. Running your fingers through a carpet can also give you a real feel for the texture of the fibres, helping you to find the best carpet for you and your home.

At Joe Walker’s Flooring we have a wide range of carpets in a selection of materials, styles and textures, so you can be sure that we have the soft carpet you have been looking for.

Polypropylene Carpets

If you are looking for a luxuriously soft carpet, then polypropylene carpets are an excellent and affordable option. Polypropylene carpets are also stain resistant, bleach cleanable and available in an impressive range of colours, making them ideal for any room in your home. At Joe Walker’s Flooring we have an exceptional range of polypropylene carpets to choose from, including ranges from the likes of Cormar Carpets. Take a look at our last article to find out more about polypropylene carpets.

Soft Carpet from Joe Walker's Flooring

Soft Carpet from Joe Walker’s Flooring

Things to Consider

When trying to find the best, soft carpet for you, it is also important to consider your home and lifestyle. If you live in a busy, fast paced house with children or pets, you should consider finding a stain resistant, easy to clean carpet, such as a polypropylene carpet. You should also consider a lower pile carpet which is less likely to hold dirt and debris. On the other hand, if you are looking for a soft carpet for your master bedroom, then a high cut pile, carpet may be more suitable, adding luxury and comfort into a more private room. Wherever you are looking to install your new, soft carpet, it is important to consider your lifestyle and how you use each room, as this will ensure that you find the best carpet for your home.

Soft Carpet from Joe Walker’s Flooring

Are you looking for the best soft carpet for your home? At Joe Walker’s Flooring, we have an impressive range of soft carpets suitable for any room in your home. Whether you are looking to carpet your bedroom or your whole home, get in touch with Joe Walker’s Flooring today. We would love to hear from you.


5* From start to finish the service that we received from Joe and his staff was outstanding! They came and measured when they said they would, were on time and same again with the fitting. The showroom had loads to chose from and joe advised us what was best for our house which was very helpful. Can't recommend highly enough and wouldn't go anywhere else. Thank you

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