Ultimate Tartan Carpet Flooring Guide

Interested in installing tartan carpet in your home? Follow the ultimate tartan carpet suppliers guide from Joe Walker’s Flooring.

No matter what type of flooring you are looking for, the expert carpets Glasgow based team can help. We love helping to transform homes and businesses! From your initial measurement appointment to the final installation, we will ensure you are 100% happy with the whole process. Because we love to help people find the right flooring for their needs, we have created other flooring guides! Take a look at our Karndean flooring guide if you’re considering vinyl tile.

Ultimate Tartan Carpet Suppliers Guide from Joe Walker’s Flooring

What tartan carpets do we have?

At Joe Walker’s Flooring we offer one variety of tartan carpet called Headlam. We believe Headlam offer the highest quality of modern Scottish tartan flooring, their options are inspired by classic tartan prints. Ideal for any home or business, adding just the right amount of traditional Scottish charm and cosiness.

We offer the following Headlam Clan carpets;

All of which are available in different styles and colours.

Why should you install tartan carpets?

tartan carpets

Tartan carpets work well in any kind of environment!

Works With Old and New

We think that tartan carpets can give something completely unique to any domestic or commercial environment. Just because it’s a tartan carpet, doesn’t mean you need to have a traditional or old home! Our varied Headlam options can easily be integrated into a more contemporary space.

Add Scottish Culture

Obviously, if you are looking to incorporate Scottish culture into a household or business, tartan carpets are the way to go. They can transform a room, a tartan carpet could be what you’re missing!

Feature of a Room

Another benefit of opting for tartan patterned carpets is that you can instantly make it a feature of the room. We understand that you may be under the impression that a patterned carpet like tartan may be overbearing and too busy. But don’t be put off! The Headlam tartan printed carpets are stylish, classic and will compliment, not overwhelm a space. Our tartan carpets will bring in attention and make a feature of the room in the best way possible.


Lastly, we believe that like any patterned carpeting, tartan is one of the most practical options. Small marks, wear and stains are likely to go more un-noticed compared a carpet that’s all one colour. With tartan prints, you can get away with having a couple of imperfections here and there and no one will know!

How to Care for Tartan Carpets

Like any other carpet, the easiest way to care for Headlam tartan flooring is by vacuuming. As mentioned you can get away with leaving time between hoovering slightly longer because a patterned carpet will hide more. However, if there is a larger stain or spillage on your new floor from your tartan carpet suppliers, then you should use a carpet cleaner.

Add something unique to your home, install a tartan carpet from Joe Walker’s Flooring.


Joe Walkers team are excellent, their knowledge in the shop is second to none and the fitters installed our carpets and flooring with every effort made to take care of our property. I would highly recommend them.

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