Top 6 Trendy Industrial Interior Style Ideas

Where interior design trends are changing every year, industrial style interior is becoming a new buzz in the architectural industry. From industrial style flooring to interior décor, homeowners are loving modern industrial interiors. The style takes hints from old factories and industrial spaces combined with modern hues to gives an industrial touch to your home.

If you are also looking for industrial style interior design ideas for your home, keep reading. Below is a list of some trendy design ideas to get the perfect industrial look for your space.

  • Minimalism Is the New Cool

Yes, the days of hoarding are long gone. People are now opting for an industrial minimalist interior style that combines neutral textures with minimalist themes of charismatic hues.

To make your space look more industrial minimalist, consider decluttering it. Take out the random bits and bobs from the furniture and let go of unwanted things that are taking up space without adding any character to it.  

  • Open Home Design

A perfect industrial space features a flowing design – you do not have to install partitions in your space. An open kitchen with a living room is a prime example of this. It helps achieve a more spacious look in your space even if you own a studio apartment. And remember that matching flooring is the key to achieving a seamless industrial interior look.

You can also consider installing glass walls and doors to make your space more breathable. It will help make partitions in spaces without making the space look cramped.

  • A Touch of Wood and Metal

Instead of using plastic and other shoddy materials, you can use wood or metal to add more character and industrial charm to your space.

Industrial styles adore furniture made from metal or wood, such as a wooden dining table, steel stools, and drafting desk. Metal and wood make your furniture and décor look luxurious and more expensive – making the space look edgier.

  • Exposed Brick Walls

If you are a fan of period dramas, then you may have come across the bricked walls in castles and streets. This look has made a comeback as people are now adapting to an edgy industrial décor- it characterizes exposed brick walls and pipes.

Installing the bricked walls into an existing space may demand some effort but the results are worth the hassle. Alternatively, you can opt for wallpapers made in a similar design to achieve the same look without the hassle, and it’s also kind to your pocket as well.

  • Vintage Modern Furniture and Décor

Another element of achieving the industrial look is incorporating furniture and décor that has a vintage vibe with modern twists to it. Industrial interior design showcases raw wood and metal with a luxurious feel. You can go for old-style fans, vintage-style lamps, steel pendant lights, and wood coffee tables to add oomph to your space.

  • Natural and Dark Color Flooring

Homeowners love the unique character associated with industrial style flooring- it characterizes matching flooring in any type e.g., wood, tile, or vinyl tile flooring.

The industrial style interior is characterized by natural or dark colour flooring such as grey, black, and brown. Grey is a staple colour for industrial style flooring that is often blended with muted colours such as black, white, and beige to create a dramatic space look.

To Wrap it Up

These are some top trends in the architectural industry to give your home an industrial look. If you’re looking for industrial style flooring in Glasgow or Scotland, Joe Walkers Flooring is the place for you.

From luxury vinyl tile flooring to laminate flooring and more, the store offers a wide range of Glasgow flooring. Visit our website for further information or contact us if you’ve any queries.


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