Flooring Through the Decades: 70’s Flooring Ideas

Looking for vintage flooring ideas? Why not take inspiration from the 1970s? Have a look at these popular flooring trends from the past!

At Joe Walker’s Flooring, we have a broad range of flooring options and we can carry out an installation in any room in a commercial or residential property. After years of experience in providing floors to households; you can trust the carpets Glasgow based team with your flooring needs!

1970s Vintage Flooring Ideas from Joe Walker’s Flooring

vintage flooring ideas

Parquet was incredibly popular in the 70s!

Vinyl Flooring

Advertised as child proof, stain proof and everything proof; vinyl was one of the must have flooring options in the 70s. For the most part, 70s vinyl flooring featured geometric patterns with with bright, warm colours; shades of yellows, oranges and browns. 70s vinyl was an exciting, cost-effective alternative to real wood flooring, and it was because of this and it’s adaptability that meant it was sought after by most households during the decade. The iconic interior decor trend of 1970s retro vinyl came back strongly in 2017! If you are looking to install vinyl flooring and want to know how to maintain it, look at our last post.

Shag Pile Carpet

In the 70s, shag pile carpets were everywhere! It wouldn’t be strange to cover your toilet in the same shag pile carpet which is all over the rest of your house. Fluffy shag rugs often came in hot pink or neon green and were considered a luxury. Though they came about in mainstream American society in the 1960s, they peaked in popularity in the 70s.

Nowadays shag pile carpets and rugs are seen as more of a fun accent piece in a room – a way of adding a pop of colour. The wall to wall carpeting trend hasn’t come around again since!


Looking for classic vintage flooring ideas? Parquet flooring was one of the most simplistic and stylish flooring trends from the era. It still is today, with many people choosing parquet because of it’s warm, rich appearance and durability. As it is a type of real wood flooring; parquet requires the right care and attention.

Parquet is also deemed to be extremely versatile in terms of design. You can choose from traditional parquet; which features a geometric and angular wood pattern, marquetry parquet which contains more curved pieces. Also, reclaimed parquet, which is most commonly found in old schools, churches and public buildings.

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