Do You Remember These 1980s Interior Decor Trends?

Are you looking for vintage vinyl flooring? Though there have been many questionable trends from the 1980s. However, it was a very important and experimental time for interior design – much more so than the 70s! Do you remember these?

At Joe Walker’s Flooring, we understand choosing the best flooring for your needs can be a difficult process. Interested in finding flooring from a different decade? The carpets Glasgow team are passionate about ensuring every one of our customers leaves our showroom having found what they were looking for!

Vintage Vinyl Flooring – Interiors Trends from the 1980s


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Neon was everywhere in the eighties as it was incredibly popular in fashion and pop culture. Blue and purple neon lights were common in the more modern homes, clubs, bars across the world. Often accompanied by different shades of peach and purple furniture and flooring – not forgetting the glass block walls. In the eighties there was no concept of minimalist interior design!

Geometric Patterns and Abstract Art

As we mentioned in our last post, geometric patterns were popular in the 70s, but in the 80s they were bolder! Nowadays geometrics are extremely trendy, though more toned down, across the furniture and flooring manufacture industries. In the 80s, the Memphis Movement became a cultural phenomenon. The Memphis Movement was a group of artists who became incredibly well known for designing loudly coloured, abstract decor pieces. Their influence on 1980s interior design meant that homes were more than likely to feature some kind of geometric pattern or abstract art.

Vinyl Flooring

From the 1970s to the 1990s, vinyl flooring was found in most homes. Sheet and tile vinyl from the 80s was boldly coloured, patterned and considered a durable, cost-effective popular choice! Though vinyl flooring in 2018 is much different, you can still find vintage vinyl flooring. We offer a range of different vinyl options which are popular due to their similarity to wooden or tile flooring. We believe vinyl is a flooring option perfect for all living spaces!

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Over the years I have bought carpets from a few different places but always felt I was dealing with foot in the door salesmen. I didn't feel like that in Joe Walkers showroom. If anything I felt they were pushing me away from the more expensive. The end result was a carpet that they claimed would be easily cleaned. I didn't really believe it would be that easy but went for it anyway. The carpet is a dream. We have a beige carpet that has had dried in dog puke, cranberries, Coke and blood. All I did was sprayed it with water and dabbed it with kitchen towel and it was spotless. It was even bone dry. The fitters did a cracking job. They said the whole house including wood flooring was 2 days work. Done in a day and the fitting team helped move the larger items of furniture about. Don't waste time going anywhere else. These guys are so focused on doing the job right.

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