Interior Trends: What is Hygge?

Want to make your home cosier for the winter months? Since 2016, the word “hygge” has become more and more popular in the world of interiors. But, what is hygge? Joe Walker’s Flooring has all the answers!

Hygge: The Danish Lifestyle and Interiors Trend

What is Hygge?

“Hygge” which is pronounced “hoo-ga,” has been considered a vital part of Danish culture and lifestyle since the 1800s. Though there is no one-word English translation for hygge, it is a concept centring around the feelings of happiness and cosiness that manifest when enjoying the simpler things in life.

Although hygge is a concept central to Danish culture all year round, the term is particularly prevalent throughout the long, cold, dark Scandinavian winters. Because of its popularity, hygge is now a trend for interior decor around the world.

Make a hygge home with help from Joe Walker’s Flooring.

How do you make a hygge home?


Candles are extremely popular in Scandinavian homes as a way of setting the right warming atmosphere. Whether you go for scented or unscented, a lit candle can make all the difference in achieving a hygge home.


Another way of incorporating the concept into your home is by experimenting with texture. In terms of interiors, ensure that your living area furniture combines contrast materials. Invest in a mixture of chunky knit, faux fur and woollen throws and furnishings. If you have a wooden floor, add a soft, textured rug!

Simple Additions

Bring anything into your home which is likely to lift your mood, whether this is a hot water bottle or fresh flowers. Making slight changes to your living space, which affect you positively, is considered hygge.


January is one of the best times to incorporate fresh ideas into a home. If you really are unhappy with your living environment, why not change the flooring? It is typical of Danish interior design to feature oak floors. This type of flooring can bring an element of nature into your home – something central the hygge concept. A very versatile wood, oak can come in so many different grains, finishes and washes, all while remaining stylish. If you are unsure of the best way of going about updating your flooring, the carpets Glasgow based team can help!

Trust the Joe Walker’s Flooring team when improving your home for the New Year.


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